So I would appreciate any help you can throw my way. I have been out trying to find a memory foam mattress. I realized that I can handle and like the firmness and support of the models. Heres where I need help. I have a limited budget of $400-$500 I am 5’9 230, and I am coming from an innerspring mattress that has sagged beyond belief. My main question is I am looking for something that will get me through some years around 5 or more, and thats in my price range. IF you have any suggestions for a brand or model I would be greatly indebted to you. I am also located in Kalamazoo MI

Hi bvanderheyden88,

You have a very tight budget (especially if you are including the cost of a foundation) which doesn’t really allow for the use of high quality materials and components, especially with specialty foams like memory foam or latex which are more costly. This is compounded by your weight which means that lower quality/density memory foams that are available in your budget range will be even less durable than they would be for someone who was lighter.

What size are you looking for? Twin mattresses are much less than king mattresses for example which would make a significant difference in the quality of the mattresses which were available to you in your budget range.

I don’t make suggestions based on brand (because the quality of a mattress is determined by the materials that are in it and not by the brand name on the mattress) and the model that was best would depend on what your local testing (or a discussion with an online retailer or manufacturer) determined was the most suitable in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) and would depend on your own preferences and sleeping positions but I would suggest looking at smaller manufacturers that are either sold factory direct or through better sleep shops that usually have better quality/value in any budget range.

Are you looking for a local purchase or an online purchase (which may be more risky in terms of buying a suitable mattress but may also be a lower cost)?

If you can let me know a few more of your criteria and whether you are looking at online or local I may be able to offer some better suggestions.


Dear Phoenix

Thanks for the quick reply. Foundation is not necessary as I already have a new one, and I am looking for a queen size mattress, I am back and side sleeper, while I am not limited to those, and I do believe I am willing to go the online route. I have looked at numerous sites, including which has helped with some brand help. I am in the Kalamazoo MI area and I am willing to look further into mattresses, but I am a college student on a tight budget. I do know some basics I have looked around for some mattresses with a 4lb Density rating. I was looking at a bed from Bragada but upon further investigating the company seems to have a negative review. I did some research behind Lucid, but there reviews seem to good to be true. I also did some research behind your companys as well. I have looked at companys that you recomended such as rocky mountain Pomarelle 7". If you were in my shoes which one of these companys would you go for?


My budget has increased to around $600 but I want your opinion on the sunrise eight by Rocky Mountain mattress. I think it could be the bed of my dreams.

Hi bvanderheyden88,

Out of the companies you have mentioned … the only one I would recommend is Rocky Mountain Mattress because they are members of this site (which are the only companies I officially recommend).

The Pomarelle is certainly good value but I would talk with Rocky Mountain about whether it may be a suitable for you. You would need to tell them your specs including your weight, your normal sleeping positions, and your firmness and “feel” preferences so they could tell you how well the mattress “matched” your needs and preferences. It only has 2" of memory foam and a 5" base layer so much of the “feel” and performance of this mattress would come from the base layer. The good news is that with only 2" of memory foam … foam softening wouldn’t be as big an issue as it would be with your weight if you had a thicker layer of 4 lb memory foam.

You may also want to talk with them about The Foamex 4 lb 8" mattress here which is a little more expensive gives you the ability to choose the firmness of your base layers (for best support) and has a zip cover so they can be re-arranged if necessary.

Some other possibilities include …

Ultimate Dreams 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress They are also a member here and have some great quality and value mattresses. There are no refunds or exchanges though so make sure you talk with them so they can tell you how the mattress may feel and perform for you. They have some excellent prices on Easy Rest mattresses and they can be ordered online but you would be on your own in terms of how suitable any particular mattress may be (they will simply send you what you order but don’t provide guidelines about which mattress may be most suitable for you and there are no refunds or exchanges).

There are also some other possibilities listed in post #12 here as well that sell queen size memory foam mattresses for under $600 that would also be worth talking to on the phone. Make sure though that you know the details of the layers of any mattress you are considering so you can make “apples to apples” comparisons with other mattresses.

There are too many variables, different types of material and layering, and individual needs and preferences involved for me to recommend specific mattresses or even specific layering combinations for people … especially without reference points of mattresses with known layers that they have tested in person. My role is to help the forum members “connect” with better sources and give them a better sense of the tradeoffs involved in different mattress types and materials and then to “get out of the way” so they can talk to the better manufacturers or retailers (who are the experts on their own mattresses) and make a choice based on their own “value equation” (see post #46 here) rather than mine. The manufacturers themselves have much more detailed knowledge of their specific mattresses and have a database they can use as a reference point to help their customers decide on which may be the most suitable option that they offer based on the “averages” of other people.


Dear Phoenix

Thanks for the advice while I have gone back and forth between beds and further research I think I am going to pull the trigger on a Easy Rest 8" deluxe mattress from I was wondering if you had an useable discounts with them. Thanks for all your help and knowledge it has proven to be valuable and I will send anyone looking for a mattress to this site to further grow themattressunderground

Hi bvandeheyden88,

No … they are not a member of the site (so any TMU bonus or discount wouldn’t apply) and their margins are likely already low so I doubt they would be inclined to further discount their mattresses when they already sell them for lower than any other Easy Rest dealer I know of.

Of course you could always ask and the worst that they could say would be no :slight_smile:


Once Again thanks for everything I can’t wait to have my new easy rest mattress to sleep on

Hi bvanderheyden88,

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve had a chance to sleep on your new mattress.