Need help!

So tired of shopping and need help! We bought the Simmons Bonnard Plush from Sleep Train 2 1/2 months ago, but are going to return it since my husband doesn’t doesn’t like it. I was fine with it, and my hip pain had disappeared, but want something both of us find comfortable. We went back to Sleep Train today and looked at possible exchanges ( icomfort (liked the Revolution), tempurpedic (liked the Cloud and contour select), and Stearns and Foster), but ended up going to Costco and buying the Novaform gel mattress. I am a little nervous about it after reading some of your comments about the lower density foam and possible early breakdown of it. We will try it out tomorrow. My husband is 6’1, 240 lbs, and a side, stomach, and back sleeper while I am 5’8, 190 lbs, and a side and stomach sleeper. Do you know of any local manufacturers in Sacramento, Ca where we could try out a latex mattress? It seems to be your mattress of choice, and I have heard many good things about them.
Thank you!

Hi Teach33,

There isn’t a lot that I know of right in Sacramento but there are some good choices within reasonable driving distance. This thread should help.

You have a particularly challenging set of sleep positions that could be called the “all over the place” position which means that good quality materials that can adjust to changing body profiles as you change position are more important.

In cases like yours … the most effective approach is usually a comfort layer that is the thinnest and firmest layer that will effectively relieve pressure points in the side sleeping position so that you have better spinal alignment in the other sleeping positions … particularly the stomach. A minimalist approach in other words that tends to make choices towards thinner and firmer on top (but not so thin or firm that it doesn’t relieve pressure points) and as firm as possible underneath. A 3" comfort zone in other words would be preferable over 4" (as long as both relieved pressure on the side) and a firmer ILD (say 24 - 28) would be better than softer (lower ILD’s) as long as this too took away any pressure points.

Some initial research on the phone (to see who you best connect with and who is most willing to give you good information including pricing options on the phone without “insisting” that you come in first) will save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spend inside outlets that are more interested in “selling” you than they are “educating” you about the “why” behind the “what”. In most cases … knowing who to trust and where to go to find outlets who really do know the differences between materials and construction methods can be the most important part of shopping for a mattress and can turn what is otherwise a frustrating and confusing experience into an enjoyable one. An outlet like this is well worth some travel time that would otherwise be spend inside a store where even the best options are not great choices.