Need Mattress Topper Advice - For Phoenix

Hi udoknowjac,

You’ve probably seen this already but the better options or possibilities I’m aware of in the Orlando area are listed in post #2 here and the Ocala list is in post #2 here. I don’t know which of them carry toppers or the types of toppers they would carry so you would need to call and find out before visiting them.

[quote]In a google search I came across “Relax The Back” they claim to use organic materials and appear to have wool toppers as well as Dunlay/Talay Latex. Here is a link:

I would love any thoughts/information you might have on this retailer because they are very close to my home and as I begin to explore toppers and a new bed it would be great to use someone close.

I also found this place in Ocala FL: The Sleep Center: [/quote]

I added Relax in Comfort to both lists (thanks for the heads up). They carry Savvy Rest component latex mattresses and also seem to carry their Woolsey topper as well although they may also carry or have access to the other Savvy Rest toppers as well. They certainly use good quality materials and Savvy Rest dealers tend to be quite knowledgeable but they are also in higher budget ranges than other similar mattresses and toppers.

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They carry Pure Latex Bliss mattresses so it’s quite possible that they would also carry the PLB toppers as well which use very soft Talalay latex.