Need recommendations on soft foam mattress

My girlfriend and I are looking for a full size foam mattress. Our budget is $500. We are both side sleepers and prefer something very soft since we have shoulder pain. I am 5’6 and around 130-140lbs and she is roughly the same. We are locates in the San Diego, California area. Thanks for your help.

Hi cnc factory,

That’s a pretty broad question because there are several different types of foam which have very different properties and feels. They include memory foam, polyurethane foam, and latex foam.

While I understand the need for softness on top which can provide better pressure relief … it’s also important to know that softness on top doesn’t mean that you can’t also have firmer underneath so that you can also have good alignment as well. If the entire mattress is too soft (instead of just the top layers) there is a risk that you would have the pressure relief you need but not the posture and alignment which can be even more important. Mattresses are always both soft and firm in different areas and the trick is to find the best combination of the two. The mattresses section of the site has several overviews which can give you some basic information about mattresses and materials that may help point to what your best choices may be.

Some of the better outlets in the San Diego area are in post #2 here. The thread is about latex mattresses (which are likely outside of your budget range), but most of the manufacturers and outlets there carry other options as well including good options inside your budget. I would call them first to confirm what they have available that fits your budget and preferences before I made a visit. The first two on the list would be where I started.



First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to respond. In the short time I’ve researched mattresses I’ve noticed how helpful and knowledgable you’ve been. You are truly the mattress guru :slight_smile:

The list of mattress places you provided looks very promising. I will definitely check them out today. However, I’m curious about your thoughts on IKEA foam mattresses? Theres also this local chain in San Diego called Jerome’s Furniture which sells a decent foam mattress for $699. We tested the mattress and it’s decent. Not sure if there are better options in that range. A bit out of our price range but if its worth it we might do it. The worker says it’s made by a company named Diamond which is USA based. Here’s a link to the mattress,DMC42,DMC42BD42


Hi cnc factory,

My thoughts about the Ikea latex mattresses are in post #3 here. My thoughts about the rest of their mattresses would depend on the specific model and the materials in it. Ikea tends to use higher quality polyfoam base layers but lower quality memory foam in their mattresses. They also don’t reveal the source of their materials and whether their memory foam has been tested for offgassing or by who (at least that I’ve seen). In most cases … I would lean towards a local manufacturer which will usually have better quality materials at comparable or better prices.

Diamond is a California wholesale manufacturer (sells through retail outlets rather than factory direct) which in general uses higher quality materials and has better value than most other larger manufacturers and they are also much more transparent about the materials and construction of their mattresses. The mattress you linked doesn’t say the density of the memory foam or the polyfoam used in the mattress so a meaningful comparison with any other mattress in terms of quality or value isn’t possible but the good news is that this information should be available to you either by asking Jeromes (who should be willing to find out if they don’t have the information on hand) or with a call to Diamond directly. Overall they are among the better wholesale manufacturers IMO. A forum search on “Diamond” (without the quotes) will bring up quite a few posts about either them or their mattresses.