Need suggestions on adjusting our APM hybrid bed.

We have the 3 inch medium latex over the caliber edge coils. Wife liked it, but two months in she’s having upper back pain. Feels like her butt sinks in lower than her upper torso. All the info’s I see online suggest getting a firmer mattress, however, last night she slept on an old low quality “medium” 10 inch memory foam from mattress that we had in a spare room from and she slept fine. It is a softer mattress, so makes no sense why it helped her back? If I can get a hold of APM, I hope to swap the latex medium out with firm, but unsure now it would do the trick. Any input is appreciated.

Hi axxel6307,

Any mattress is unique to the sleepers using it, based on their stats(height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health conditions) and their PPP(posture and alignment pressure relief and personal preferences). The best way to see if a certain mattress type is compatible is to try it in person; next is using it for a couple months
During a ‘sleep trial’…now after 2 months your wife is unfortunately having back pain. First, I would suggest consulting with a healthcare practitioner, if possible, to make sure there’s nothing else going on that’s causing back pains as this could be something serious.

You do not give any of your stats, so in general terms, if your wife ‘sinks in’ to the mattress and this seems to not be what she prefers, certainly a firmer layer may rectify the issue. As far as the memory foam mattress she used, while many consumers enjoy memory foam, the drawback is that it can wear unevenly and break down prematurely causing ‘divots’ or ‘ruts’ which can both be uncomfortable, as well as cause or exacerbate any muscle pains or alignment issues if it is made with excess amounts of inexpensive foam. Without knowing what brand it is or any details, I can only guess – was this possibly rarely used? Any memory foam will hold up in the short term; if it’s a better made memory foam mattress, possibly you and your wife could prefer this type of mattress. You may want to take a look at theMattress Specifications You Need To Know as well as the Mattress Durability Guidelines to see how components are used as well as how long specific materials last.

The good thing is that since you bought the hybrid from Arizona Premium Mattresses they should be able to help you exchange layers for firmer whether latex or foam. I would tell them the issue your wife is having, and also tell them about the brand and specs of the memory foam mattress in your spare room; They having a lot of experience matching sleepers with comfortable solutions, and in many cases may be able to ‘match’ the feel of another bed (like the spare memory foam), if you provide them a little info about you and your wife and how you sleep. They also have a dedicated forum page here where you can ask them any questions.

I hope this helps,

~ Basilio