Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid

Could someone at Nest give me some more details as to exactly what their TitanChil Endurance Foam® is? I’ve already emailed Nest and asked them what the density was and they replied: The plush will be 13 ILD, the medium will be 18 ILD, and the firm will be 28 ILD. I am trying to determine which density to choose for each side of a split king. Me: 5’6" 170lbs side sleeper/snorer. Spouse: 5’8" 210lbs back sleeper/GERD. I’ve decided to go with the Alexander Signature because I like the pocketed coils hybrid with foam. For me, I need major pressure point relief so i need a softer comfort layer. My spouse would most likely be one level firmer than me. Does anyone have recommendations on which density I should choose for the both of us? Thanks.

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In the “Product Specs” tab from NB’s site, The Alexander Hybrid’s comfort material is referred to as memory foam (Benefits> point 4)You can learn more about Nest Bedding’s model’s specs from their TMU directory listing> Specifications tab here. TitanChil Endurance Foam® is a proprietary memory foam with a 3.5- 4 lb per cu. ft. density. The ILD ratings above indicate the degree of comfort feel you can expect, while the density measures weight and how much material is used; the higher the density, the more durable and longer-lasting the foam. TitanChil Endurance Foam® carries the CertiPUR-US certification that tests for harmful substances and VOC’s and is used for polyurethane and memory foam materials.

What mattress are you currently sleeping on and how old is it? Have you enjoyed its performance overall or would you change anything regarding its comfort and support feel? Choosing a split firmness hybrid will give each of you a variety of comfort options to choose from, and the Nest site also offers guidance on which firmness may be better suited for you. With your side sleeping preference and pressure point relief needs, a plush firmness may serve you better, you should find that more conforming to your side sleeping profile. Your husband’s higher BMI and back sleeping preference may work well with a firmer, more supportive feel for his back and lower lumbar area. If you have any questions about understanding the ASH’s firmness, it is worthwhile to online chat or call Nest’s customer support team, they would be happy to help guide you through the decision-making process. You can also ask them questions on the forum, they are currently offering TMU consumer subscribers a special discount code as a Thank You for asking a question and supporting TMU’s trusted member program. Hope this helps :wink: .


Thanks Sensei. I appreciate your reply. We’ve been sleeping on a middle-of-the-line Comfortaire for the past 12 years. We got it because it was much cheaper than a Sleep Number. We loved it for many years. The air bladders broke over time and they replaced them at a reasonable cost. I’ve also replaced the comfort later of foam which gave it more life. However, this past year I’ve been waking up with terrible shoulder pain and my spouse’s side feels like she’s rolling off the edge. Under the air bladders are some very firm blocks of poly foam which are the original pieces. I think they’ve broken down and is the root of the problem. Sleep Number purchased Comfortaire a couple of years ago and no longer supply the parts to rebuild your bed. I was really close to buying a new SN bed for a crazy $10k but after doing some research and finding this site, I realize that is a huge ripoff. I now understand the comfort we were feeling is not related the the inflating/deflating of the air bladders, but rather the awesome foam comfort layer within the mattress. We really want to upgrade to a larger mattress with an adjustable base anyway, so that’s why I’m shopping new instead of trying to rebuild what I have. I’ve had to talk my spouse into believing that we no longer need an air bed, which has been a challenge, but I think i’ve won :wink:

At any rate, I now know what feel I want and what kind of support we both need based on our personal preferences. Now, I’m having an issue figuring out which companies offer a mattress with L&P pocketed coils (not Nest, so that’s now out), with multiple comfort layers made up of both latex and/or poly foam along with memory foam that I can replace every few years (must have a zipper). It seems all the companies which offer an unzip-able mattress are latex-only. I know this is the environmental choice but I know we really like that sink-in feeling memory foam provides. Any recommendations would be extremely helpful.

Also, from where can I buy a L&P adjustable base, separately?

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Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with any manufacturers offering hybrid mattresses using latex, polyfoam and memory foam as comfort layers within a zippered cover. Perhaps a consumer DIYer may have some suggestions? (@Mattrebuild? @mryabo?)

You may consider checking in with TMU trusted memberRichmond Bedding, they are an online dealer of Leggettt & Platt adjustable bed bases and can help you with your questions. Hope this helps and good luck with your research :wink: .