Nestbedding vs tempurpedic vs dreamfoam vs selectfoam


My partner and I are planning on purchasing a new king size bed. We just bought a new home and are moving our current Queen size bed (innerspring, Macy’s Hotel Collection Plush from 4 years ago) to our guest room.

As far as information about us: I am a guy of about 5’6" and 140lb, my partner is a guy also and about 5’7" and 170lb. We are both side sleepers, we sleep close together. We sleep on our right side about 50% of the time, left about 40% of the time, and back or other position maybe 5-10%. We both tend to sleep hot, but do have a fan in our master bedroom to help regulate that.

We have been going to various mattress stores (Sleep Train, Sears, Macy’s, etc, etc), looking at and this forum. We have narrowed down to two or three different mattresses:

  1. Swan Luxury Organic Mattress ($2,399) from Nest Bedding. We really liked the configuration it had in their Albany store (I think it was their “soft” latex). We also liked that it was more “bouncy” then the memory foam beds, which seems like it would be much better then foam for things other then sleeping.
  2. [b]Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe/b: Our concern with this is, as stated above, that we both tend to be hot"ish" sleepers, also that as it gets even more broken in then the store, it may get too soft. We laid on this for a good 10 minutes in the store and really like the soft feel of it.
  3. [b]Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze/b: Same as #2, but somewhat more firm. We kind of like halfway between these, but of course, Tempurpedic does not make it.

So after extensive research on this site we also went to Bay Bedding (we are in the southern part of SF bay area), but did not really care for the shop. We have also found [b]DreamFoam/b(13" ultimate dreams), SelectFoam(Cirrus Luxe ES $2,299), and [b]Brooklyn Bedding/b.

Here are our thoughts on them and we would like some help/opinions/etc

  1. Nest Bedding: Not sure how long they have been around, how good is the quality of their products? Is the zipper thing actually a good idea to be able to adjust/replace/etc latex, or is it just a gimmick?
  2. Tempurpedic: Lets ignore the price for now and assume these are both 2K each. Is the quality of these much better then SelectFoam or DreamFoam? The Dreamfoam, even if the Tempurpedic was $2000 is still less then half the price. I have seen a lot of comments about the Tempurpedics having a lot of toxic components that can potentially be harmful, is this true? Is the “Breeze” simply a fancy way of them saying they have gel-infused foam?
  3. DreamFoam I saw that large post talking about the 13" Ultimate Dreams. At $900 it seems perfect. From what I was reading, the firmness is roughly between the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme and Luxe, is this true? I thought I also saw that their foam is the gel-infused type stuff to sleep cooler also? How is the quality of the material in this bed? Does it compare to Tempurpedic (will it last anywhere near the same length?) Also, it looks like for $17 more I can get it sold by Amazon, I believe that means that I can return it (as opposed to if I save $17 and buy direct from DreamFoam on Amazon)
  4. SelectFoam For the purposes of this discussion, lets assume they are the same price as Tempurpedic. Is there any benefit to them over Tempurpedic?
  5. Brooklyn Bedding Looks like they are similar to the Nest bed we liked, just have no idea which one is comparable or what the differences are

From Brooklyn Bedding’s website, it is kind of hard to tell the difference with the different levels.

Hi paladin732,

I think the first place I would start is post #1 here which will give you some of the basic information, steps, and guidelines you will need to make the best possible choices. One of the links in the post is to this article which will help you avoid some of the low value choices such as the major brands (including Tempurpedic). There is also a lot of information it links to which will help answer many of your questions.

The quality of any mattress is as good as the materials that are inside it regardless of the label on the mattress. You can see my thoughts about Joe and Nest Bedding in the San Francisco list here. I think their own component mattresses use good quality materials but I am not a fan of the bedinabox they also carry because of the low density of the memory foam they use (see post #2 here)

I think that layered component mattresses with a zip cover are anything but a gimmick. they allow you to clean or replace the cover and they also allow you to re-arrange layers to change the feel of your mattress as well as exchange or replace individual layers that wear out faster without having to replace the entire mattress. They are great option IMO and many of the manufacturers that are members here and other manufacturers I respect as well use a similar concept.

Again … the quality of a mattress is only as good as the materials inside it and if the materials are similar then the quality of the mattress is similar as well. Select Foam use similar designs and the same or better quality materials in their mattresses as tempurpedic. Dreamfoam (Brooklyn Bedding is the manufacturer of these) also have some mattresses that use similar quality memory foam but again you would need to make a mattress by mattress comparison to make meaningful comparisons in terms of quality and value.

The issue of memory foam being toxic is a complex one and each person may have a very different answer to “how safe is safe enough for me?”. Post #2 here has much more information about this for those who want to do more detailed research into the safety of the different types of materials and components that are used in mattresses.

Yes … the breeze uses a gel infused foam (more like some gel sprayed onto the memory foam) and also has a “cooling” cover.

A forum search on Dreamfoam or on Ultimate Dreams will bring up dozens of posts with feedback about them. Most people seem to agree that their 13" gel memory foam mattress has a “feel” that is similar to but a little firmer than the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe. The quality of the foams are a little lower (4 and 5 lb memory foam instead of 4 and 7 lb memory foam and a 1.5 lb base layer (although Tempurpedic may also now be using lower quality foam in their base layers compared to what they were using previously).

They aren’t in the same price range as Tempurpedic … they are significantly less. They use the same or better quality materials as Tempurpedic in all of their mattresses and they put unusual care into matching the “feel”, the quality of the materials, and the design of the Tempurpedic mattresses (not just the feel) at a significantly lower price. In other words they have much better value than the tempurpedics line. They are a member of this site which means that I believe they are among the best quality/value in the country.

Brooklyn Bedding is the manufacturer of the Dreamfoam mattresses on Amazon and they also have their own mattresses on their own site which have exchangeable layers as well although they are different designs. They are also a member of this site which means that I also believe they are also in the best quality/value in the country.

You can look at the details of their mattresses and the materials and components in them on their site as you can with Nest Bedding as well (or other manufacturers as well) which is how you make “apples to apples” comparisons between mattresses.

It would also be a good idea to talk in more detail with each of the manufacturers or retailers you are considering and ask them any specific or more detailed questions you may have. They are all open about what they do, the materials in their mattresses, and the benefits of their specific designs.


I recently purchased my mattress and was considering similar choices. I went with the Dreamfoam mattress and have no regrets. It compares very closely to the Cloud-Luxe. I spoke with Chuck from Dreamfoam and he felt I should get 7 years with no problem from his mattress. For the price, you could buy 4 and still not paid what the Cloud-Luxe cost. It was a no brainer for me. My husband and I are very happy with our selection. If you like the Tempurpedic feel (and some people don’t) you will love this mattress. By the way, we are similar in size to you and your partner and side sleepers. Good Luck!

Thanks oceanrat and Phoenix!

Two more questions:

  1. Phoenix:

Did you ever get a chance to confirm the base information?
I am now between Ultimate Dreams 13" and the Cirrus Luxe-ES. The Luxe looks like it uses better quality components, but not really sure how MUCH better, I saw your thread talking about the base HERE, however, you said you still had to check on it.
Will the 1.5lb base make a big difference? If you were buying it yourself, would you go for the Cirrus Luxe-ES or the Dreamfoam?

  1. We have ordered a new frame with a wooden slat base, however, I don’t think it will arrive before we have to purchase the mattress (as I said, our current set is going into the guest room for when guests come). Would it be ok for the mattress to sit on the floor for a little while, until the frame comes?

Hi paladin732,

Yes I did and confirmed that the base is 1.5 lbs and my thoughts in post #6 here would be the same as I originally posted. I removed the “subject to a conversation” from the linked post.

Once you have narrowed down your options to choices between good and good and eliminated all the worst options (which you have) … then my job is done and it’s time for me to step out of the way so that each person can make a final choice based on their own personal value equation rather than mine. The goal of the site is to help you with “how to choose” and not to influence anyone with “what to choose” when they have reached this point and there are no longer any compelling reasons to choose one over another besides the objective, subjective, and intangible factors that are most important to you. Post #2 here may also be helpful in helping you decide on the pros and cons of each.

Yes … it would be fine although I would put a blanket under it to protect it from moisture and dirt.


Thanks for all the help Phoenix,

Another quick question (yes, I am indeed annoying :slight_smile: )

We went to Urban Sleep Store and tried the Organicpedic Terra mattress. We are now between something similar to that and the Ultimate Dreams 13".

The problem with the Terra is that its $7,100! We don’t really care about the organic portion, and really just want something that feels similar. Brooklyn Beddings says their 10" Total Latex in ultra plush would feel about the same, but theirs is 10" and organicpedic is 12", does that matter? Are there any other similar ones you could point me in the direction of?

Hi paladin72,

There are really only 3 ways to duplicate or at least “approximate” another mattress that you can read about in post #4 here and the link it includes as well. Every layer and component will affect the feel and performance of every other layer and component and each difference between them in components or materials, layer thickness, layer ILD, type of layer (convoluted vs solid for example), design, and type of latex (natural vs blended) and the cover and quilting can make a difference. Different people will also be more or less sensitive to the differences and some people may say that two mattresses feel “exactly” the same while others may swear that the same two mattresses feel completely different. It will also depend on body types, sleeping style, individual preferences and sensitivities to different changes.

Overall though and for most people (but not all) the layers closer to the middle and top will have a more obvious affect how a mattress feels and performs than the layers closer to the bottom.

Since you are not able to test each mattress side to side in real time to see how close they may feel for you (which would be the most accurate way to know) and Brooklyn Bedding hasn’t designed it’s mattress to be a replica of the OMI … you would be dependent on trying to approximate the design and specs of the Terra.

The first step doing this would be to find the details of the mattress you are trying to approximate. This would mean knowing the type of latex, the thickness of the layers, and the softness rating of each layer and then doing your best to try and “translate” it into another design that would hopefully be close enough that you could fine tune it based on your own personal experience.

So since you can’t do side by side testing and the mattress you are considering (or the others that are available to you in post #21 here) don’t have the same design as the Terra either … step 1 would be to confirm the specs of the Terra that you tested (it can comes in different versions). Post #6 here may also be helpful but again I would confirm that that is what you tested.

Once you have done this then you would need to 'translate" one design and try to “fit” it into another (with the emphasis on the upper half of the mattress) using educated intuition or guesswork to get as close as possible.


Thanks for all the help Phoenix!

One last question:

What do you think of the new Cool Luxe from Brooklyn Bedding vs the Ultimate Dreams 13". They claim it is the coolest sleeping memory foam on the market, has higher quality components (and it has a 120day trial period). Unfortunately, it is also 1K more then the ultimate dreams

Hi paladin732,

In general … you will find that the “value” of the mattresses made by a factory direct manufacturer is fairly consistent across their entire lineup with perhaps a slightly higher margin in their upper end mattresses. Their higher cost mattresses will generally reflect higher quality and more costly materials which is certainly the case here.

Based on what I know of it and a discussion with them … it certainly uses higher quality materials than the 13" gel memory foam on Amazon and is using some very advanced gel memory foam with several cooling technologies incorporated into the foam and the quality of the base layer is also higher than the Ultimate Dreams 13" as well. The only real “equivalent” is that both of them use some 5 lb memory foam.

It is certainly “worth it” based on a quality, materials, design, and performance standpoint but of course each person would need to decide for themselves whether the extra benefits, return options, and quality of materials justifies the extra cost based on their own personal value equation.