New CozyPure Mattress and Platform Bed. Fantastic sleep system

Well, we setup our new bed frame and mattress. We currently have a CozyPure 12 inch 3 layer system with the LaNoodle topper. That system is going on 11 years old and is like new with no indentations. Sure, we have to fluff the LaNoodle toppers every now and then. The new design of the current model of LaNoodle topper does not need fluffing. We now have a vacation home just 25 miles from the CozyPure factory, so my wife visited again over the winter and picked out the 10 inch Caress in “soft.” Our current 12 inch is also the “soft” configuration. We did not get another LaNoodle topper, but we can always add it if we feel like we want it. It took 6 weeks for the platform frame to arrive from Utah. It comes from Nomad Furniture. They have additional styles on their website if you don’t like the styles on the CozyPure site, but cost with shipping is about the same as it is if you order through CozyPure. It took us a about 20 minutes to assemble the frame. Really simple. Easy and clear instructions, and there is a set of pictures on the Nomad site if the printed instructions are confusing. Building the frame takes a rubber mallet (cover the mallet head with a plastic bag) and a Phillips screwdriver.

We got the King size Caress mattress which weighs nearly 150 lbs. The only snafu was that it was delivered to the wrong address 2 blocks away, and that bugger is too heavy and large to move without a truck. So, a few hours later, they found it and re-delivered it. We had some neighbors help us carry it into the bedroom. I recommend having some help to carry it inside the residence to the bedroom. I think the next door neighbors will be CozyPure customers soon.

That’s it. It is just perfect. It’s not as plush as the 12 inch mattress with the topper, but other than the plushness, it is still the ideal support and comfort for us. There is no smell. And once again the quality of the matelassé organic cotton and wool cover is impeccable. Even the bottom quilted side is beautiful and soft. The new LaNoodle pillows now have a zipper, so you can add extra fill if you desire. I thought the fill was perfect. We have enjoyed the first 3 nights on the new system. Feels very much like the 12 inch system. Thanks, Cheryl, Susan, and Hans. You guys are so helpful. Can’t say enough good things about CozyPure customer service, quality, and value. Sleep well, friends.

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Hi TDI_Hoo,

Congratulations on your new sleep solution from @CozyPure! What a fantastically detailed report of your experience with CozyPure’s Caress Mattress & LaNoodle Topper, as well as your personal interaction with the their wonderful team during your visit. Also good to hear that your 11 year old 12” CozyPure mattress is in great shape and still provides you with the same level of comfort and support as when you first bought it.

As you probably know CozyPure has been a Trusted Member for over a decade, and they have always provided excellent, well-made quality sleep solutions at a very good price given the quality of materials they use. As you know, they manufacture and ship all their offerings from their self-sufficient factory in Norfolk, VA., thus cutting out any ‘middleman’ which allows them to keep prices down.

It’s always good to hear a ‘first person’ report, which may be especially useful for those consumers that might not be able to visit CozyPure showroom but are considering CozyPure purchase online. For the same reason, I greatly appreciate that you provided such detailed information about CozyPure’s Nomad Platform, and included the photos - an added bonus! Very well done! There’s nothing better than sleeping well and enjoying every moment of it.

Again congratulations for your new mattress purchase from @CozyPure! Thank you for sharing!

~ Basilio