New DIY Mattress Questions


Just wanted to get you thoughts on this DIY approach:

I am 5’10" 175lbs . My wife is 5’4" 120lbs. We both are combo sleepers, back and mostly side. We both like mattresses on the firmer side, and seem to sleep better on firm mattresses. When we are at hotels with firm beds we both seem to sleep well… We currently have a firm temper-pedic bed that has served well for 10 years and now needs to be replaced. I now wake up with a sore back. If I sleep on our leather couch, which is very firm, back is not sore. So I think we want to start with a firmer mattress.

We have done some checking of local stores and have decided on a hybrid approach. So we are now thinking the following for the mattress, from top to bottom.

(Starting Point: 12" overall. Stack-up from top to bottom)
layer 1 Talalay 2" soft
layer 2: Dunlop/Talalay 2" medium
layer 3: Dunlop 2" firm
layer 4: Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa 6" (non-zoned)(probably better for side sleepers)

If too soft we could try any one of the following:
a: Remove layer 1(soft) completely.
b: Remove layer 2(medium) completely.
c: Swap layer 1(soft) with layer 2(medium)
d: Move layer 1(soft) to below layers 2(medium) and layer 3(firm)

If too firm, we could Remove layer 3 (firm) completely. Anything else would require exchanging latex layers.

b How does this approach sound?
(2) Anything else that you think might be worth us considering?[/b]


Looks like this is a well thought out build. I really have nothing to add to it other than “Good Job”.