new here, with questions


I’ve been reading quite a bit about mattresses on the web. had a mattress made in the 90s at a local place when I lived in VA. then 11 years ago got a memory foam mattress with adjustable air bladders.

About time to get a new mattress.

How do I find local/regional mattress makers here in north AL? interested in a split king with adjustable base. Mostly likely a memory foam again but open to other ideas, since things change over time. Do not want to pay the inflated prices of the name brands.



Hello spaceguy,

I certainly don’t blame you for wanting to avoid the higher prices and lower value of most name brand mattresses :slight_smile:

I’m not sure where exactly in north AL you are or the type of mattress you are looking for or prefer but the only local factory direct mattress manufacturer I am aware of “in the general area” is

If they are not close enough for a visit … then your best option is to test mattresses in local outlets that sell mattresses that use quality materials and are transparent about the materials and layers in their mattresses (or sell mattresses where this information is available) to help you find the type of layering and materials that you prefer and that work best for you and then to “duplicate” this type of mattress through an online purchase that provides “layer by layer” choices that can be customized for your needs and preferences (including some of the members here).

If you let me know the midpoint of your budget range (the amount that you would like to stay under for a mattress but would consider going slightly over for an absolutely perfect and “amazing” mattress), your weight and body shape, and your normal sleeping positions, then I’d be happy to give you more specific ideas.

If you also let me know the city where you live, I’d be happy to see if I know of any local outlets that might be good places to test mattresses.


Thanks Phoenix!

Yes, I saw that web site but it says they only use 4lb density memory foam.

in the Huntsville, AL area.

I am 5 ft 11 inches. 220 lbs. I have a twisted vertebra at T8/T9, and bulding discs in my lower back, with numbness and weakness to my lower legs. I live with chronic back pain. I typically sleep on my right side. Wife is 5 ft 3 inches about 140 lbs and has arthritis. She sometimes gets swelling in her feet and ankles, so thus our desire to have an adjustable bed so she can raise her feet up. she sleeps on her back or side.

budget is flexible… I know I won’t get what we need for $500 but don’t want to pay $7000-9000 either! I suppose with a split king we could have two different mattresses that are optimized for each of us.

Thanks again! Andy

Hi Andy,

Royal bedding doesn’t have an “up to date” website (he’s working on it) and does offer memory foam in different densities as well as other models that are not listed. They are a family manufacturer and he is a great guy to talk to. “At this point” he doesn’t offer latex but he does carry memory foam (from glideaway) and his own two sided mattresses. (NOTE added later: He now makes a high quality two sided all latex mattress)

Also near huntsville … there is a regional manufacturer who offers a variety of mattresses called Denver Mattress. They have many outlets in several states so the level of knowledge may not be “consistent” from outlet to outlet so make sure you are dealing with someone who knows the layering of the mattresses you are testing if you go there.

If these don’t offer what you are looking for … let me know and I will take a look at some retail outlets in your area that offer “non major brand” mattresses that may be worth visiting for “testing purposes”. A quick look says there are at least one or two of these.

ADDED: Post #2 here has more Huntsville options.

From your “stats” and description … it is clearly important to find a mattress that offers both pressure relief and support. If you do go with memory foam … which is not always the best idea with back issues … then I would certainly choose the thinnest memory memory foam layering possible (for your pressure relief needs) using high quality memory foam and make sure that the support system underneath it kept both of you in alignment. A side to side “split construction” may also be an option if your needs are too different (which testing will confirm).

An exceptionally high quality split king mattress using the best materials and layering should still come in at well under $3000 (at the top end) and significantly less than this is also easily possible for very high quality mattresses using the resources on this site depending on the choices of materials and construction that are “best” for you and your circumstances.

In terms of an adjustable bed … the best value I have seen is here (where I bought mine). You could either use this as a reference point or for an actual purchase. I would also be a little careful using an elevated position (either head or foot) with side or stomach sleeping as it would be more suitable for most people when they are sleeping on their back.

Keep the questions coming if you need more options or if your research on this site and others needs any clarifications :slight_smile:


My wife was in B-ham this week and she stopped by Royal bedding. Royal makes inner spring mattresses and can make about anything you would want, if it has inner springs. They do carry various foam mattresses. However they do not make those. From what I understand, they carry Sleep Harmony foam mattresses.

Hi Spaceguy,

Yes … he told me the same thing. We actually ended up talking for over an hour about the industry in general … mattress design and other related stuff.

Sleepharmony is made by Glideaway. They have various options in terms of the density of the memory foam and they do use CertiPur certified foam. He was very open about the materials he (or glideaway) uses in their mattresses and based on our conversation he certainly still builds mattresses in the “old fashioned way” using methods and designs that I believe are higher quality and durability (2 sided and using “hog rings” for example) than many of the newer designs which are more about lowering cost than they are about raising quality.

One of the difficulties of the (relatively) new 1633 fire code is that it made things very difficult for many smaller manufacturers as it can be very expensive to build and test the required prototype for each mattress design and for lower profit lower volume smaller independent manufacturers this can make it very difficult to produce certain types of mattress so they will often carry other manufacturers that they believe have higher quality for certain types of mattresses. But that’s a “whole other story” as they say.

I would certainly check out Denver mattress as well.



Just thought I would follow up… spent some more time looking for a mattress.

Ended up finding a Jamison mattress, they are made up by Nashville. Also switched from looking at memory foam to a Talalay mattress, onc eI coudl find one.

Yesterday we had our new split king mattress with Leggett and Platt adjustable base delivered. Mattress has a 20 year non-prorated warranty.

Thanks for the help and information! It paid off for us!

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

Jamison has some very nice choices, good material, and I’ve always been very impressed with the transparency on their site. I’m sure you will enjoy it for many years to come.