New Latex Mattress


My wife and I were on the verge of buying an expensive new mattress from a national brand. We decided to go home and research such an expensive purchase before buying and we are so glad we did. I am used to reading dozens, if not hundreds of reviews on Amazon or other places online before I buy simple everyday items, but I was shocked that I couldn’t find any reviews or helpful information on the mattress we picked out.

Eventually, our research lead us to this website. As we starting reading through the articles and forum posts it became clear to us that the mattress we were going to buy would not last any longer than the one we were ready to get rid of. We read lots of good things about latex, but I was doubtful we would have access to any ‘boutique’ mattress outlets in southwest Virginia. I was happy to find that Phoenix had done a lot of work to track down several factory direct mattress suppliers in our area. We tested out a few 9" 100% natural latex mattress at Sleep Essentials and found one we liked, for slightly less than we would have paid for the national brand mattress.

Our mattress was delivered two days ago. The bed is very comfortable, a little on the soft side for me, but my pregnant wife says it’s just right. It’s a much different feel than our 15" euro topped inner spring. I feel like I am much better supported on the new mattress. Oddly, my wife and I both found our backs were slightly stiff after the first night’s sleep but a little less so after the second night. I wonder if it’s because our sleep posture is being corrected, does that make sense? I found that when I upgraded to an Aeron chair at work, it took a few weeks to get used to the lumbar support but I find that I have better posture now that I’m accustomed to it. Does anyone else have a similar experience with their first latex mattress?

I want to thank Phoenix and many of the other members on this website for being so helpful. Being able to search this site and find so many local suppliers of quality mattresses made us feel much more confidant when mattress shopping. The fact that Phoenix spoke with the owner of Sleep Essentials on the phone about the construction of their mattresses removed any doubt about their quality and value. My wife and I look forward to getting many years of quality sleep on our new mattress, thanks!

Hi jlunavtgrad,

Thanks for taking the time to share some great feedback about your experiences.

Yes … this is very common and almost everyone will go through some kind of adjustment period with a new mattress because the body has a “sleeping memory” from the previous mattress and sleeping positions and it can take a few weeks for muscles, joints, and ligaments that have become tightened or tense to “unlearn” their old positions and relax and loosen and become used to a new one … even when the alignment is better. This would be similar for example to someone that spent a lot of time on their computer or had become used to standing or sitting in a hunched position and felt discomfort or even pain when they first started to correct their posture. This will also depend on how different the old and new mattresses are and on the physiology of each person but it is usually anywhere from a few days to 3 months although in the large majority of cases it is less than 30 days. As you mentioned this is similar to the Aeron chair.

Your mattress will also go through an initial “break in” period during the same time frame as the materials settle and soften slightly and lose any false loft and covers stretch slightly and the mattress takes on its longer term feel and performance.

Most of all though … congratulations on your new mattress. It’s always great to see one more mattress purchased from a better quality and value manufacturer. :slight_smile: