New Latex smell

Hey! So I’ve noticed that my new shredded latex pillows and my (kind of) shredded latex topper have a moderately strong latex odor. This isn’t something that bothers my husband and I at all. In fact, we kind of like it, it smells like comfy sleep. :slight_smile:

Anyways, we are having company over and I purchased another of the Seven Comforts (kind of) shredded latex toppers. It’s got about a week to air out but it will still have that smell if you are up close and personal with it. Is there any method that will hasten the air out time for our guests? I was thinking Fabreeze might work but I don’t want to do anything that might ruin the latex inside. Any ideas or recommendations?

Hi Coventry,

There are typically two smells associated with latex. Dunlop is more of a “rubbery” smell while Talalay is more of a “vanilla” smell. They both fade gradually and while some people are more sensitive than others to smells in general … they will typically be gone in less than 6 weeks and usually less. The Dunlop smell can be a little more persistent.

Febreeze will help mask the smell but I don’t know exactly what is in it or how it would affect latex with direct contact (I would guess it would be fine) but I wouldn’t hesitate to use the fabric refresh on the fabric itself. I would probably use the Lavender because it may help with restful sleep. Another remedy that some people have suggested is a bowl of vinegar beside the bed. Keeping the room well aired, air conditioners, and air purifiers or ozonators can also hasten the process. Rolling around on the surface and “squishing” the latex as much as possible can also help the air in the latex cells escape a little faster and can hasten the process but in most cases it’s just a matter of time.


Alright, thanks Phoenix! I’ll give some of your suggestions a try.