New looking for advice on latex mattress

I have been looking and reading around this site. which is a absolute god send. I never knew that so many mattresses were so not worth the money you pay for them. But I have narrowed my choice down to 2. first is king adjustable ultra plush latex sleep system from ] The second is the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress by Dreamfoam Bedding or Brooklyn bedding amazon store. Just wondering if you could give some insight into which is better , best or what not. Also any insight as what to use for platforms or where to get them. I noticed that did sell the platforms , but not sure if this would be the ideal place for that part of bed. thank you in advance.



Hi kbalz,

You are down to two choices which are among the best of the best value in the country and once you have eliminated the “worst” choices … the differences between your final choices wouldn’t be about “best or worst” any more but about which one of the objective, subjective, and intangible differences between each mattress and merchant best fits your personal “value equation” (see post #46 here) and which of the tradeoffs involved in each are most important to you.

You are also comparing apples to oranges because one is all latex and the other is a polyfoam/latex hybrid and you can see some of my thoughts about pros and cons of each type in post #2 here.

As far as a foundation goes … it would depend on which mattress you chose. If you choose an all latex mattress … then a foundation that has more closely spaced slats (3" or less apart is preferred) or a closely spaced wire grid with a good cover and if you have a polyfoam base layer then the more closely spaced slats or wire grid is not quite as important (polyfoam is less flexible and elastic than latex and doesn’t sink into the gaps as easily)

The foundation thread here will give you much more information about the many foundation options available and which would be most suitable for different types of mattresses and different preferences if the manufacturer doesn’t sell one or recommend one to go with the mattress.