New mattress for my 3 year old...

Hi Phoenix!

I just recently switched my 3 year old out of her crib and into a big girl bed. Her crib mattress was super firm, so I grabbed a thin Ikea foam mattress when I bought her bed. I figured that it would sleep fairly firm - and boy way I right! When I curl up with her for story time it is pretty horrible…

I thought that I could buy her something nicer. I am leaning towards getting the Ultimate Dreams from Amazon since the price would be quite reasonable for a twin. She is a tummy sleeper. Do you think that will be firm enough for her but tolerable for me at story time?

It would also give me a chance to try it out, as I am considering a new king size one for myself!

Hi tarnator,

The needs of children are quite different from the needs of adults and they will generally do better on a firmer mattress than an adult may be comfortable with. Post #2 here includes several links with more information about mattresses for children and some links to good sources .

The Ultimate Dreams could be a good choice but I would choose a firmer comfort layer than I would for an adult. This doesn’t mean that it should be so firm that it is intolerable for you … but it should probably be firmer than you would normally be comfortable with.


Well I just ordered!
Chuck suggest a level of 5 or 6 firmness for children, so I am trying to decide about that. I might go for the 5 since that is firmer and she is so used to sleeping on some pretty firm mattresses!

…although a 6 might make her happy in the longer term. Hmm…

Hi tarnator,

I would tend to go with firmer as well. You can always add a topper if it’s needed down the road but with younger children that still have lots of growing to do and don’t need as thick or soft a comfort layer, then if you are undecided I would go with the firmer. The 5 uses 32 ILD which along with the quilting foam should be fine.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: