New mattress in DC area for two different sleeping needs

I’m looking for the right place to look for a new mattress in the DC area. My husband and I are in need of a new mattress, and we both have pain due to different issues. I’m average height and weight (5’7", 140) and I sleep on my stomach and side. I toss and turn throughout the night, alternating from side sleeping to stomach sleeping. I mostly sleep on my stomach. I wake up with neck pain. My husband is very broad shouldered, narrow hips, wide chest, and weighs roughly 200lbs. He also has an artificial hip. He wakes up in the morning with shoulder pain and hip pain. He sleeps on his side. He needs a mattress to accommodate his broad shoulders and minimize hip pain. Where should I look for a mattress to accommodate us? We tried to a tempurpedic bed a few years ago, and had to return it. It was too uncomfortable, too hot, and it felt like we were sucked into a hole at night. We need a king size bed, and I don’t know where to look or what type of bed to look for. Please help!

Hi lulubells,

The first place to start is post #1 here which is the most important post on the forum. In an hour or two it will give you all the basic information you need about what to avoid and what to look for and the steps that lead to your best possible choice.

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Washington, DC area are listed in post #2 here.