new mattress on order!

Hi Folks, My name is Paul and I’ new to the forum. Thanks to Pheonix and the rest of you I finally order the new mattress my wife and I have desperately been needing. I’d been telling her for a long time that we were well overdue given our innerspring beast was going on 25 yrs. and that my 60 yr. old body simply couldn’t take any more nightly abuse. As i do with most purchases nowadays I turned to the internet to begin my research into what my best option was for a new mattress and what I would have to spend. I already knew that bedding was a major investment and I knew from experience that the web usually would steer me in the write direction.
I found this sight early on and was immediately sucked in. So much good info! I quickly got on the latex bandwagon as I knew intuitively that it was the way to go. when I thought it through later on I was able to make the following observations which solidified my convictions:

  • innersprings are a totally mechanical, almost robotic construct that was never meant to properly support the human body and only does so halfassly when all sorts of padding tops it off.
    -Memory foam, which is often criticized for “sleeping hot” is nothing more than a manmade chemical laden latex foam wannabe. It’s “memory” compared to that of latex is akin to an Alzheimer patient.
    -Air support bedding makes a certain amount of sense until you think about how it’s simply emulating what latex foam,with it’s millions of individual air cells, does so much more eloquently. Think about it.
    Now , for where I finally ended up. At "" I found a family owned company whose Zen I mattress is produced with three three-inch layers of either dunlop or talalay, exclusively or in combo, topped by three inches of organic wool with an organic cotton cover that zippers on for $2000. each latex layer is individually covered with cotton. Based on opinions I’ve read here, discussion with the company representative, and my own intuitions, the mattress I ordered has a firm support layer of dunlop, a five- zone intermediate layer of medium talalay , and a soft talalay comfort layer. I think this configuration should work well, especially with using the five-zone layer as we can switch the two top layers to tweak the feel if necessary. Green mattress also allows a six month trial and will switch out layers if need be. Shipping is free.
    I’m anxious to here feedback from everybody but even more anxious to actually sleep on this bad boy! Again, thank you everybody for the education.

Hi Paulb,

The materials in your new mattress are certainly good ones but I hope you had the chance to read post #6 here and the links inside it before you ordered.

There is some history to this company (under greenmattressfactory and the many other sites they have used over the years) that I think would be very important for people to know about before making a purchase from them.


Thanks for that heads up, Phoenix. BBB presently gives them an A+ rating but Cochran’s name is listed as owner so that gives me some cause for concern. I will be closely monitoring how this progresses and plan to stay in contact with them to see if my BS detector goes off. I can’t help but be psyched though at the prospect of getting a mattress with these specs at that price as I haven’t been able to find anything comparable. As a fallback, could any of you steer me to an alternative source in the event that this blows up. Thanks.

Hi PaulB,

I would be especially cautious if you are asked to accept or offered a discount for any delays.

These people have done some damage (and not just what is mentioned in the links I posted).

Some of the better online alternatives include some of the members of this site listed here which are among the best quality, value, and service in the industry … and have integrity.


I looked at greenmattressfactory too. Tempting because they are the cheapest. But then I found out they basically go out of business every couple of years, leaving a lot of people with undelivered mattresses, then change their name and reopen. In the end I spent just a few hundred more (still a great price!) with a company that’s been in business for 40 years (SleepEZ). I sure hope you get your mattress! If you charged it, you should have recourse if they start playing games. Good luck!

Hi folks,
I’m looking into alternatives to Green Mattress and so far SleepEZ and appear to have the edge as they can be had at around my target $2000 price. Not being able Togo anywhere local to try things out I’m somewhat concerned if my choices for layer densities are appropriate. I’m 6’ , 200lbs. And my wife is 5’5" and about 130 lbs… I liked that Green Mattress had available a 3" five zone layer like I’d seen elsewhere. I need to find out if they’re available from these other outfits. I also want to find out if they can give me 2-3" layers in lieu of the six inch support layers so I can stack F-M-S. this would allow me to interchange the two top layer if need be. Could you recommend appriopriate ILD’s for such an arraignment? Am I thinking right on this?

Hi PaulB,

There are a few other all latex options in your price range on the list that you haven’t mentioned as well which are Brooklyn Bedding’s Total Latex Mattress and Rocky Mountain MattressMy Green Mattress collection and
Three of these have 6" base layers and a top layer on top, SleepEz has the 3x3" layers, and My Green Mattress is two sided. All of these have different designs and features and abilities to customize. All of these are well worth talking to and will give you a good perspective of the benefits of different designs.

I’m personally not convinced of the real-life benefits of a 5 zone layer which has little differential in the zones … especially with latex which has the ability to adapt to different body types and sleeping positions very well because of its natural support factor (the ability to get firmer faster with deeper compression than other materials). It can also create issues for a couple who have different body sizes and fit the zones differently and it can also restrict the choice of latex in the layer that uses the zones. A 2 or 3 zone can be beneficial in some cases but once you get more than this and where the difference between the zones is often less than the natural variation in the latex in the first place then its benefit is questionable IMO. As long as the zones are not detrimental though it probably wouldn’t do any harm. Zones that are more customized and have a larger differential have more possibilities to benefit certain people.

There is more information in the mattresses section of the site about the theory behind layer thicknesses, ILD’s, and different types of designs and construction as they relate to different body types, sleeping positions, and preferences but these are generic and meant to give you some insights into the many variables involved. Each manufacturer knows more than anyone else about all the materials and components in their own mattresses and how they interact with each other and with different people (based on their experience and the averages of their own customer base) and any specific layering choices should always be part of a more detailed conversation with each manufacturer who knows their specific mattresses and the options they have available best of all. Because of sometimes small differences in the materials, design, and components they offer … each of them may suggest something different with their own design with the common goal of providing you with the PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) that is best for you. There are also many different types of layering that can work for the same person so all of them may be the best option for the specific design they offer.

Your own local testing along with more detailed conversations with each manufacturer is always the best way to choose the layering options that may be best for you. They may also have different options in terms of re-arranging or exchanging layers or mattresses as well so make sure you take this into account in deciding which one is the best match for your “personal value equation”.


Hi folks,
After a 3 week wait I received my bed from Green Mattress. I had some concerns while I was waiting given some of the negative feedback I received but it was for naught. On Wednesday I received 4 large boxes via FedEx and had to wait until the next day to open it all yup and put it together. First of all the cover was beautiful, nicely tailored and quilted with wool. It’s a woven organic cotton cover,nicely piped at the top and bottom edge like you see on an expensive mattress. Inspecting it carefully, I was really impressed with the quality. Fancier than I thought it would be given the price. I hauled out the old mattress and layer out the new cover.
I hauled the other three boxes up to my deck which is adjacent to our bedroom and unpacked them. Each of the three-3" layers was cover in a nicely sewn organic cotton cover with a label indicating “soft talalay”, “medium talalay”, and “firm Dunlop” as I had ordered. I carefully stacked them in the cover with my wife’s help and with a bit of adjusting along the way, zipped up the top and stood back to admire one gorgeous looking mattress.
While we’d been waiting for the mattress to arrive I’d done some more research to find an appropriate mattress protector and found Fabritech. They were mentioned in the forum and were highly reviewed elsewhere. Buying direct from the company’s website I purchased a cover for the mattress, and one each for my wife’s temperpedic pillow and my new king sized talalay pillow. Putting all that in place we took our first lay down. It’s freakin’ awesome baby. First night was great and as I’ve read elsewhere it should only get better. It seems a bit firm right now but I realize our bodies need to adjust to sleeping on a surface that isn’t ham mocked as the old one had become. Bottom line is that I don’t think I could have found such a carefully built mattress for $2000 anywhere else and they even threw in the pillow. Based on our experience Thus far I can honestly say we got our money’s worth and were treated very well by everyone I had dealings with. Steve was very helpful as as Kathie in customer service. I’ll chime in again if I have any more to offer and hope everybody takes the time to research their options when purchasing a mattress. Long live latex.

Oh Pheonix, I didn’t mention that I went with the single zone as opposed to the five zone I’d mentioned before based on your input. I’m curious how that might’ve worked out. I’m happy as a clam with thing right now though. Thanks for all your help. I’m not convinced based on my experience that there aren’t some people out there with a vendetta or have some ulterior motive to trashing Green Mattress, also known as Dremata. I always say,“follow the money”. Peace out.

Hi PaulB,

I’m glad you received your mattress … and I’m sure there will be others that receive theirs as well … until …

I can assure you that what you read was accurate and there is no “vendetta” as you call it involved. Their history is self evident. I have watched them over the years do exactly what you read about and they were doing it long before I even knew about them as well. I have also talked with people directly as I indicated in previous posts that were seriously harmed by their practices … and not just consumers.

I personally would not do business with them … but you took the chance and have a good quality mattress … unlike others who were not so fortunate over the years.