New mattress similar to Tempur-SIMPLICITY Firm

Hello all,

I am looking to replace my queen Tempur-Simplicity Firm. I love everything about mine, the firmness, low profile, motion isolation etc. but I had a spill, and unbeknownst to me my mattress encasement had failed. Moisture got to the foam it started to mold (Yuck!). Apparently the simplicity line was discontinued not long after I bought mine in 2012. It seems Tempurpedic no longer make a similar entry level memory foam other than their version of a bed-in-a-box, which only comes in a medium firmness. I am also on a budget and trying to stay at or under $1000. Any help would be appreciated.


I read some reviews of Tempurpedic Simplicity. It looks like it is quite firm. Current mattressee could be Pro Adapt Firm and Luxe Adapt Firm. I found a good deal on LAF for $1200 Cal King on craigslist. Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme is from Costco and you can return it. Too expensive? Do Doordash for a couple of weeks.

Let me know which you pick.


Hi MtnBrownCoat.

Sorry to hear mold took over the mattress you liked and also that it’s no longer in production. While I can’t tell you what would be a close approximation without knowing the composition of the mattress, I can give you a few resource to take a look through as you embark on a new mattress journey!

You may wish to start with these five tips first. Our Mattress Shopping Guideline is also worth a gander.

And, of course, always feel free to come back with questions that arise as you start considering mattresses!