New Mattress


I first want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this website. Phoenix, you have been an absolute fountain of information and take the “I want to scream” aspect out of mattress shopping. Is it still hard to figure out what will be the perfect fit? Sure, but at least we know we will be getting a quality mattress that will last longer than a couple of years.

Our old mattress is a 10 year old Serta Perfect Sleeper and has needed replaced for awhile. My husband and I have spent a great deal of time exploring the mattress underground, and I think we have a pretty good grasp of what we like. We have ruled out the coiled mattresses with various toppings, and we dislike the feel of foam. Living in Houston, our options to check out latex mattresses are incredibly slim, but we did visit New Living. We both liked the Lago Nouveau by OMI. It might be a smidge firm, but doable. After testing out that one, nothing else compared. The only thing that held us up was the $4500 price tag. :lol:

For us, it seems as though APMC will be the best fit. I spoke on the phone to Greg, and after talking to him, he recommended the natural Talalay. The 36 ILD core with the 3" 19 ILD topper. We were looking to replicate the Lago Nouveau (maybe just a bit softer).

In your opinion, do you agree?
Our Sleeping Profile:
Hubby- about 165lbs., 5’10", sleeps on side and back
Me~Totally not telling my weight b/c my husband will see it :lol:, but there is a pic of me in my avatar, 5’6", side sleeper

We both tend to like softer mattresses, but we did not like the Tempurpedic because it was soft but seemed to offer no support. So I guess soft with support if that makes sense.

Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated, and thank you again for all your help. Good sleep makes for happy people!

Hi starlyte,

This certainly seems to me to be “in the range” of a suitable choice based on averages but that’s not surprising because they have much more experience with helping their customers with the options they have available than I do.

I don’t know the exact specs of the Lago Nouveau so I don’t know how it may compare and there are a number of differences between them which could make a difference in how they feel or compare to you. I believe that their convoluted layer is N3 (which is in a range between 25 and 30 ILD and the convoluting would make it softer than the ILD would otherwise indicate). I believe their support core may be N4 which would be in a range from 30 to 35. I’m not certain of these though because OMI doesn’t normally provide the ILD’s of their layers although some retailers seem to know it. They both have wool in the quilting but I am guessing that there is more wool in the Lago Nouveau and the fabric is also different so this may also make a difference in how they compare as well. The 100% natural Talalay used in the Noveau Lago would probably “feel” a little firmer than blended Talalay in a mattress where all the layers were either one or the other and everything else was the same but this may not make as much difference as the other differences between them.

You certainly made a great choice in terms of quality/value and I hope you have the chance to share your impressions (as subjective as that may be) about how close the two mattresses feel to you. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Most importantly … congratulations on your new mattress.