New Mattress

I just read your article on Simmons Comforpedic and I am very glad I did.

Are you able to recommend a local factory direct outlet for me to shop at? My zip code is 89123, Las Vegas.

I am pleased to have access to good information and advice about such a very important issue. I am a side sleeped with some lower back pain issues. Kind of a bit overweight baby boomer type 6’ 1" and 210 lbs. I like the idea of memory/latex foam layers and certainly want to sleep cool.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Yomill,

There is only one factory direct manufacturers near you that I’m aware of unfortunately and they don’t make latex mattresses (other than that the nearest one is in Reno) so I did a bit of looking around to see if Las Vegas has any better options than the last time I looked (when I called it a latex mattress desert in post #2 here):). I talked with a few of the more promising options and listed some of the stores that can help you narrow your choices to those that may have either higher quality mattresses and/or better value although you will need to do some additional research and testing of course. Carries Vi Spring, Carpe Diem and Savvy Rest component latex mattresses. These are all high quality mattresses but are also in a higher higher budget range so I would make some careful value comparisons here. They carry and focus mainly on Diamond mattress which is a California wholesale manufacturer which is making some good quality and value mattresses. When I talked to them they didn’t carry any of their latex models (only latex hybrids with latex/polyfoam and latex/innerspring) but they they said that may change in the future. Knowledgeable and good to talk with. Small wholesale manufacturer based in Las Vegas (and the only one I know of in the area) who sells through retail outlets. Makes lower budget promotional mattresses. Was very open about their materials and uses a 13 gauge 312 Bonnell coil and 1.2, 1.5, and higher density foams. Possible good value for a basic inexpensive mattress in their price range (or for a child or a guest bedroom). Included as an option for others who may read this thread… Will tell you who carries them with a phone call if you are in the market for an entry or promotional level mattress. Included as an option for others who may read this thread. They carry and focus mainly on Diamond mattress which is a California wholesale manufacturer who are also making some good quality/value mattresses. They don’t currently carry any of their latex models (only latex hybrids with latex/polyfoam and latex/innerspring) but they will be coming in about a couple of weeks. Knowledgeable and good to talk with. Las Vegas, NV. Also carry Diamond and mainstream mattresses which I would avoid.

About Us | LasVegasFurnitureOnline.Com Floor models limited selection. Carries Stress-O-Pedic and Silver but check to make sure they have them on their showroom floor first if you are interested in testing these because they are mostly online and I would avoid the major brands they also carry.

Bedroom – Genesis Furniture Las Vegas, NV. I’ve talked to them and they carry Kingdom and Englander (no latex but gel memory foam). Make sure that they will provide you with the specs of their mattresses if you visit them, and call ahead to find out their current offerings, as they are not listed on their web site.

Hope this helps



Thank you so much. I have visited the manufacturer area of The Industry section and identified a company in Phoenix, AZ who ships. I will be calling Ken soon to figure out how I want my mattress constructed. It looks like I may request a soft side for my wife and medium for myself. Both sides with 2" talalay on top as the comfort layer. Support layers may well differ based on different levels of support. I weigh 210 at 6’1" and my spouse 145 or so at 5’7" . I am side sleeeper and spouse is mostly back but some side. Haven’t decide on total layers and types of latex yet. Hopefully Ken will have some suggestions. What would you recommend for total thickness? Is 2" comfort on top enough? Was thinking three total layers with possible total thickness of 10-11 inches.

Hi yomill,

I’ve updated the previous post with the outcome of my conversations with Las Vegas outlets today. Some of them may be worth visiting to get an idea of the layering you prefer.

There are some guidelines here about different weights and body shapes and also here about different sleeping positions which can serve as a good starting point for what may work best for you. 10 - 11 " is probably thicker than you would need (8-9" is much more typical unless someone is very heavy) and 2" may be a little less than average in the comfort layers but this will also depend on the firmness of the layer underneath which will also affect your choices (softer layers under the comfort layers can “help” thinner comfort layers provide better pressure relief) but of course your own testing will be a much more accurate indicator for different firmness levels and layer thicknesses.

Each of the manufacturing members that specialize in online sales provide phone guidance and are pretty good at matching different people and their body weights and shapes and sleeping positions to the mattresses they make based on the average preferences of many customers. Any local testing you do though can help them be more accurate and specific to your own unique needs and preferences.


From the other thread: I took your advice about reading this post for LV manufacturers and found that Furniture Markdowns carries a Diamond mattress called the Stony Ridge (and a couple other Diamond models). They also offer a non-pro rated warranty which states you don’t pay for repairs that is good for 10-15 years. When I went to the Diamond website I couldn’t find that particular model. Also, the models that were listed did not have any material breakdown by model. There was a request for information form that I could request more information. I filled that out.

The owner is on vacation for the holidays so I didn’t get to talk directly to the person who knows the most about the mattresses he carries. I will know more next week. The salesman who WAS there could only tell me that the mattress was a combination of Cool Gel, Specialty Foams and pocket coils. His main focus was on the comfort (which I have to admit was awesome) and the kasmir fabric covering. He also stressed their 18 years in business and high customer satisfaction rate.

However, I am fairly confident I will buy the Stony Ridge model in the next day or so along with a platform bed all for about the same price as I was about to pay for the Saatva mattress set alone (About 1500 total). Thankfully I ran across this website.

Hi Magicdream,

I’m glad you had the chance to do some local testing and Diamond is making some good quality/value mattresses.

Before you make your purchase though as a matter of course I would make sure you are able to find out the specific information about the type and density of the foams above the pocket coil so you can make sure that there are no obvious weak links in the mattress which is the part of a mattress purchase that you can’t “feel” but will have a lot to do with your long term satisfaction with your mattress.

A warranty only covers defects in the mattress and not the loss of comfort and support that comes from foam softening which is why it’s always a good idea to make sure that the comfort layers especially uses good quality and durable materials.

It sounds like you are “on the edge” of making a good choice :slight_smile:


I should note also that during my research I found that the website www.matt-to-go-com has a series of excellent videos which they call “Beducation”. They are awesome videos and help you to completely understand the manufacturing process and the quality of the different materials out there in use today. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching the entire series before deciding what materials and qualities you are willing to accept in your bed.

Hi Magicdream,

I couldn’t agree with you more :slight_smile:

Jeff is a great guy and very knowledgeable and experienced about mattress construction and materials and his videos are some of the best available anywhere. He is truly what I call “mattress people”.

We have had many long conversations about mattresses, materials, and the industry in general and we share the same ideals, goals, and thoughts about the current state of the industry. Matt-To-Go is also one of the members of this site which means that I believe they compete well with the best in the industry.



I too had back issues since I was sleeping on a wrong mattress since so long and wasn’t aware of how important it was to opt for the most appropriate mattress for a sound sleep. Then I searched for some mattresses online and I landed up buying these mattresses which came out to be amazing for me! So happy :slight_smile: You can probably check this if you want -