New member seeks advice on inexpensive Latex Hybrid or Memory Foam Mattress.


Latex Hybrid or Memory Foam mattress for student on a tight budget.
160 lbs; 6’4"; back and side sleeper; snorer.


Sam’s Club

Other suggestions?


Hi drspence,

The overstock NuForm seems to me to be very good value. When I asked them about it … they said that the latex was NuForm (which is a slow response latex) but they also give the ILD numbers for blended Talalay which seems a little odd. Overstock often doesn’t give accurate descriptions about their products so it could be either. Either way though it seems to be good value. It would also seem to be “in the range” for your height/weight and sleeping positions although of course your own experience may be different from the “average”. Refunds are excluding any shipping both ways (and they are inspected for any stains or damage).

When I asked them … they didn’t know who manufactured it or the density of the polyfoam support layer or what was in the quilting so I asked them to email me the information if they can get it.

The Aerus memory foam mattress from Sams club is also very good value but a 4 lb memory foam (mid range density) will not be nearly as durable and will also feel different from Talalay latex or NuForm.

Another very good option is here. In this case I know the manufacturer and think highly of him. They give you a choice of ILD for the latex on top to customize it to your preference and the polyfoam is high quality (2.35 lbs/cubic ft) but there are no refunds so you need to be sure that you like the feel of latex. They will give you good guidance on an ILD choice.

Hope this helps.



Thank you for your careful evaluation and the additional manufacturer’s link.