New Naturepedic Mattress- feeling the comfort layer split


I have been sleeping on a new Naturepedic EOS Classic queen mattress (soft latex, plush coils on both sides) for about 30 days now. I sleep by myself and am 5’ 5", 150 lbs. The experience has been underwhelming. I am working through the resources on your site (thank you!) and plan to put together a post about it soon to request further guidance.

In the meantime, one of my biggest gripes is that I swear I can feel the comfort layer split right down the middle of the bed. It makes for a very “lumpy” and uneven sleeping experience. I was disappointed to learn that Naturepedic doesn’t have a single comfort layer option for the queen size.

Is this a known issue with Naturepedic beds? Can anything be done to address it?

Thank you.

Hi ShopGirl.

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Sorry to hear you can feel the split layer in your mattress. Does this mattress have a cover you can unzip? Some people find adding 1" of another material (such as wool) and then rezipping the encasement around it helps to reduce the feel of any splits and “tightens” the encasement around the mattress which can also help.

I’m unsure if this is common for their brand, but it certainly is disheartening.


Hi Nikki,

A belated “thank you” for your reply! I have not tried adding 1 inch of wool, but I did just order a comfort layer swap up to medium to see if that makes a difference. I have also just put up my full post here:

Thanks again

i have an eos classic. i have a couple suggestions…
1 - the latex has a lot of extensibility and you should try to lay it in place such that the two halve are tight tight tight together.
2 - in case you didnt get proper instruction in putting stufff together, the support coils units have a directionality to them. each unit has a brown stripe on one side. the brown stripe represents that is has the stiffer perimeter coils and that that side should be on the outer perimeter of the bed. if you put it in with the brown strip in the middle of the bed, you will feel it on the surface.
3 - regarding #2… my mattress came with one of those coil units in its encasement backwards, so i had a row of stiff perimeter coils in the center of the mattress. as a result i spent months thinking my mattress was “off” that it was sagging or there was something wrong with my foundation. i ended up cutting a hole in the spring pocket so i could verify the thickness of the coil wire. low and behold it was in backwards. i gave them quite an earful for the hassle, stresss and expense of their mistake and made them put in my customer notes that my warrarnty will not have any limitation or proration for anything regarding the springs for the 25 year life of the warranty cuz i had to cut into them to find their mistake.

Thank you so much for your reply. It’s so helpful to hear from another EOS Classic owner who has run into a similar issue.

I, too, was hoping it was the brown stripe/edge support issue, but I confirmed everything is in the proper position a few weeks ago. I actually disassembled everything and reassembled it to ensure everything was super tight- same issue, unfortunately.

How could you tell you had a manufacturing error on the coils?

I didn’t care for their waterproof case and got a quilted cotton a few weeks ago. It’s a definite improvement, but doesn’t solve the split issue. Medium latex just arrived today, so will be trying that out soon and hoping it helps.

Thanks again.

[quote=“ShopGirl post=93458”]
How could you tell you had a manufacturing error on the coils?

in a fit of desparartion i unzipped the encasement and cut a small hole in the pocket on each side and was able to confirm that the coils were thicker on the wrong side. it made no sense that there’d be such a noticeable lump in the middle. i even built a set of slats that i was sure would fix it. i was pissed off and relieved.