New Purchase Pure Latex Bliss CGMattress

Well after researching and testing mattresses I decided to go with the Pure Latex Bliss Beautiful. I found at cgmattress which by far was not only the best price but Ronnie, the owner, was great. The mattress was ordered on a Monday and ready for delivery on Thursday. I lived within their delivery area. He has also ships nationwide.
Let me say first how important it is to not only test the mattress but sleep in it. I know that’s not practical from a buying standpoint but I say this to reiterate the need to have a trial period for a comfort exchange. I tested the Beautiful model at least 3 different occasions at the store I even was tested by the computer they had. The mattress felt the same as it did in the store. I guess that the Pure Latex Bliss Mattresses dont have a “breakin” type period as Ive read other mattresses do. That is, lying on it felt the same. But sleeping in it was a different “ball game”. For me wearing whatever you wear when you go to sleep, matters as well as the actual time you sleep.

Im going on my second week now and my opinion has not changed. Its a great mattress for those who like soft. My hips were not feeling any pressure as I’m a side sleeper and I had no aches at all. However I found this mattress to be too soft for me almost cradling me and when I wanted to turn, it seemed almost like i was turning uphill. That’s an exaggeration but it makes the point. I found that after sleeping on one part of the bed the other part was a little higher and thus felt like I was making an effort to turn. I think that’s my preference though. My old mattress was an innerspring so this was all new. The mattress itself is great quality. Ive spoken with Ronnie and chose the Beautiful knowing he had a comfort exchange policy and since, he has suggested I try it for 30 days as well as offered me other suggestions after I asked about other types of beds. I think after reading weeks if not more of posts in this forum I was swayed to Latex and not other types. I have again gone to check out more mattresses and thought the Nutrition from Pure Latex Bliss would be better, but I worrry the strange configuration of firm over soft may be an issue. I do like a soft top layer but I think with the Beautiful I was sinking too far down. Also I tried the Beautyrest Black series and Tempurpedic. I worry that the memory foam models will create heat and I dont want that but the sales people all say that doesnt occur with the new technology. The Beautyrest felt great actually but I worry the materials may not be quality and not last. It seems that they have different layers from gel to memory foam and it gets confusing. People forget that $3000 is a lot of money and to replace a mattress every few years is not something they want to do. Latex is great when it comes to durability and Pure Latex Bliss has a great warranty and customer service. If anyone can share their thoughts on Tempurpedic or Beautyrest Black series it would be of help. Right now I’m leaning towards the Nutrition. As a side note the standard foundation with the 12" mattress made the bed much higher than my other matttress again I will be getting the low profile when I exchange this mattress.

Hi mike7,

Thanks for your feedback about the Beautiful. It certainly is a soft mattress and would be too soft for some people and of course just “perfect” for others.

In terms of quality and durability a mattress is only as good as its construction and the quality of the materials inside it. Unfortunately you won’t be able to find out the quality of the materials inside the Beautyrest Black and in most cases they would include lower quality foam in the comfort layers which would make it a risky purchase that I would avoid (see the guidelines here). As far as the Tempurpedic … it would depend on the specific mattress you are considering. Most (but not all) of the Tempurpedics use good quality materials but without knowing the specifics of all the layers in a mattress and their quality it’s not really possible to identify any potential weak links in the mattress or make any meaningful comments. Post #2 here also has links to several forum posts with more detailed information and thoughts about the Tempurpedic line.

As far as the suitability of a mattress or PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) … there is no formula that can predict this and your own personal testing and sleeping experience is the only way to know.


That’s a really interesting review of the Beautiful. Before buying my Dunlop mattress - which I’m still totally over-the-moon happy with - the only other mattresses I’d intended to test were the PLB line. Knowing it would be the Beautiful I was most likely to want, I decided to stick with the Dunlop that felt just perfect to me when I realized the Beautiful model would run me about $1000+ more, so I never even got so far as to try one out.

I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. I’m a big fan of soft things, so it sounded wonderful to me.

I bought the softest Dunlop mattress I’ve seen (19-23 ILD six inch core with three inches of 16-18 ILD for the comfort layer), and after a month it really seems to be just what I wanted, as well as being just what my body needed.

Holy moly, you do like soft! It would be informative to know your age, height, weight, and preferred sleeping position.


I’m a 62 year old female, 5’4" (maybe 5’3" by now, since we all shrink with age), 140-150 pounds (my weight varies that much at times), and sleep probably 95% of the time on my side. My mattress keeps me in great alignment, relieves all the pressure point pains I was having, and is just perfect for me. It doesn’t feel too soft by any means, and I don’t create a hammock effect by lying in the bed. I tried to convince myself to buy the mattress that was one step up in firmness, but it just didn’t feel “right”, and I went to the store to test the two mattresses twice, with a week in between. I even find I occasionally sleep on my back now, which I’ve never done before.

I do have chronic pain problems - think fibromyalgia or lupus or other connective tissue diseases - as well as lifelong problems with insomnia and restless leg syndrome. I’ve slept better in the past month than any time in my life.

Thank you! Very interesting. Congrats on your sleeping comfort!


Thanks Clawdia its still a great mattress and I get a great night sleep on it but yes you really do like a soft mattress.

Phoenix are you are robot? lol you seem to post the same things to people over and over and over but question you posted “Unfortunately you won’t be able to find out the quality of the materials inside the Beautyrest Black and in most cases they would include lower quality foam in the comfort layers which would make it a risky purchase” If they dont disclose their materials dont you think its biased to say they use lower quality foam?
thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Also I’m wondering if the tempupedics have resolved the heat issue. I see others use a gel foam. Are there any from tempurpedic that sleep cooler

Hi mike7,

No not at all. Their polyfoam is typically 1.2 or 1.5 lbs and rarely higher in the comfort layers. They are clearly lower quality than most other smaller manufacturers use in each price point but the biggest problem is that they don’t disclose the specifics of each mattress so you are forced to make a blind purchase as to the specifics of a mattress you are considering. On occasion you will be able to find out the density of some of the memory foam they use or in some cases be able to identify any latex layers and in these cases you will find that they compare poorly in terms of their relative value to other similar mattresses made by smaller manufacturers. If you tear one of their mattress apart and weigh out the layers (as many people I know have done) you can verify it for yourself. In some cases you can also connect some of the dots with information that is available on the internet if you are willing to spend the hours it will take to do so. The “preponderance of the evidence” is overwhelming if you spend the hours of research that I have or develop the sources of information that can bypass the dead ends that your research will often lead to.

If you’re interested you can see a few of their typical foam densities in post #4 here.

Their memory foam (even in their higher end mattresses) often includes 3.5 lb memory foam (low quality) and 5.5 lb memory foam (good quality). I personally wouldn’t consider a mattress in their price ranges that used 2" or more of memory foam that was less than 4 lb density.

I wouldn’t consider a mattress in their price ranges that used foams that were in this quality range if durability was a priority.

Regardless of any of this though if you are comfortable buying a mattress that is a blind purchase and where the odds are very high that the mattress you are purchasing uses lower quality materials and if you choose to ignore all the technical or experiential information that is available to you on this site and many others and make the purchase anyway then of course that’s your personal choice but a blind purchase is never a good idea IMO especially when the odds are stacked so heavily against you.


Im wondering how you know what polyfoam they use if they dont disclose

and what are the best innerspring mattresses

Hi Mike7,

My answer is in the previous reply to the same question.

There is no best innerspring mattress … but the best one for you is the one that is the best match for your specific needs and preferences in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) and your personal value equation.