New Sleepez 13" mattress and Modus bed

A quick update on my new mattress and bed.

I ordered the sleepez 13,000 full size with s-m-f-xf layers on 5/14 and it was delivered on 5/21 and I assembled it and the bed yesterday. It shipped in 4 boxes and asse,bly was pretty easy only made tricky because the bed is against a wall on one side but nothing complicated. The bed as the nice plsuh pillowtop feel I was looking for thanks to the soft layer but is still supportive.

Enjoyed sleeping on it last night woke up in the same position I fell asleep in so apparently no tossing and turning for a change. Will try and remember to post updates in a week or so but so far very help with the mattress. Jeremy and Shaun from Sleepez were great to deal with and made the process of choosing between the 10 and 13 inch models and selecting the layers easy.

As for the bed I ended up with the Modus Ledge platform bed Wayfair | Beds You'll Love in 2022 which is actually pretty nice for the price. Assembly was pretty straight forward. As with all this type of furniture things don’t always line up but fortunately the only issue was one side rail sticking out a bit (1/8 inch or less) from the footboard instead of being flush but its on the side facing the wall so no big deal.

Anyone buying this bed I have one assembly tip when attaching the flexible slats. The directions say to first place the rubber ‘sleeves’ along each side and down the center, then slot in the sets of wooden spines. The spines are flexedbowed under tension so you can’t do it this way, well not easily anyway even if you don’t tighten the side screws on the frame. Instead fit the outside edge rubber sleeves into the bed frame, then join 2 spines at a time into each center rubber sleeve. Then with a rubber hammer, hammer the central sleeve into the metal central frame. This works perfectly and maintains the tension that the bowed spines require and was so much easier. I also gave the side sleeves a whack to seat them as well.

My only issue with the bed is that contrary to what Modus (and 3 re-sellers) told me the slats on the full size bed are not 3 inches apart but are 3 1/2 inches :pinch: . So I need to address that.

My three options (as I see them -any other suggestions are welcomed)

  1. Add some slats (duh) between the existing ones since the can’t be repositioned but 2 issues I have are (1) would adding flat slats to a flexible slat bed provide enough support for the mattress and (2) since this would reduce the gap from 3 1/2 inches to somthing like 1 1/2 inches would this be enough to provide air flow??

  2. Replace the slats entirely with another set from Ikea or somewhere.

  3. Use a 2" inch box from Ivy Organics PJs Sleep Company | Luxury-Organic Mattress Store but not sure how that would work with the flexible slats.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Just exchanged emails with Jeremy and he feels that the 3 1/2 inch spacing shouldn’t pose a problem so while I still may consider adding slats or switching them entirely I think for now I’ll just sleep on it :whistle:

Hi nik_pa,

Thanks for the great review and for the assembly tips as well :slight_smile:

Yes to both (it would be more evenly supportive and the airflow would still be fine).

This would also be a good option if it was necessary … although it may be a bit of a challenge to remove all the slats you now have (I don’t know how firmly they are seated)

I probably wouldn’t go in this direction with flexible slats because a flat hard surface may not sit well on a curved one or may damage the sleeves of the slats. If I was to add anything it would be a firm layer of polyfoam or something like the bed rug here which would provide extra support for the slightly larger gaps and could conform to the shape of flexible slat system better. All of these though (and especially the bunkie board) would reduce the effect of the flexible slats under the mattress (which you may not be able to feel anyway because of the thickness and weight of your mattress)

Because the difference is relatively small … I would probably do this as well. It may be slightly more risky over the longer term (and this would be hard to quantify) but probably not enough to warrant making changes unless there were other “pointers” that indicated that you may want to firm up the support under the mattress.


Thanks Phoenix. After speaking with Jeremy I’ll wait and see how it goes and keep on an eye on the mattress if necessary I’ll probably just add slats between the existing ones. I may end up doing that anyway just to put my mind at ease but I’ll wait and see.

I forgot to add that I also got the Luna Premium Mattress Protector and it seems fine doesn’t sleep hot or make noise. I was looking at the St Dormier but wanted something that wouldn’t alter the feel of the mattress that much, at least for now I may change my mind later but wanted to try the mattress out as plain as possible for a while.


So its been a week since I got the new mattress and have been sleeping so much better on it than my old innerspring. No complaints so far. I am happy I went with the 13 over the 10 inch to allow for the extra layer of soft latex that I think gives the pillow top sinking in feeling I was looking for but may switch the soft and medium layers at some point to try that combination out.

I didn’t get the shredded latex pillows but got the non-shredded ones instead but they turned out to be too soft/plush for me since I’m a back/side sleeper but my mom likes a softer pillow so I gave them to her and she loves them. So I got some brownie points :slight_smile:

I do think I need to look for new pillow though since I’ve had a little stiff neck in the mornings with the old and new mattress so I think the pillow needs updating. I think I’ll look for a firmer latex one since I liked the feel of the ones that came with the bed better than the memory foam one I have now.

I’ll try and remember to update this post every so often.


Hi nik_pa,

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

As you indicated … neck issues usually indicate a “pillow issue”.

The pillow thread here may be helpful.


Thanks Phoenix, I’ve looked through the pillow thread and other posts and it seems that picking a pillow is even more difficult than selecting a mattress :wink: I’m thinking of trying one of the zoned latex pillows since I liked the feel of the latex but need something firmer than the ones that I got from SleepEz.


Hi nik_pa,

I think you’re right about that. I still haven’t decided on my “favorite” pillow (and probably never will because it seems to change with my mood, the seasons, and circumstances)

Interestingly enough … I have gone in the opposite direction from you and have fairly recently switched from sleeping on a zoned latex pillow from Malouf (high profile soft although they have a firm as well) to a shredded latex pillow which I’m quite enjoying :slight_smile:

There are basic needs for a pillow because they are an important part of keeping your head and neck and upper body in good alignment but there are many pillows and materials that would fit the basic needs of each person but would all have a different “feel” which is an even bigger part of a pillow choice than it is with a mattress.