New SleepEZ Latex - What goes on the mattress?

Hi, all.

First, as so many before me have already done, let me say THANK YOU for this fantastic resource.

With that out of the way . . . I finally pulled the trigger on a new SleepEZ 10,000. I opted for the stretch cotton cover instead of the wool, but now I’m wondering - how else do I dress this bed? On my old bed I’ve got the mattress, a dust mite/water-proof cover, a mattress pad, and then the sheets. Do I dress this bed in the same fashion? What is everyone else doing?

I’m looking forward to learning what you’ve done.


Hi JimM,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

You certainly made a great quality and value choice.

All you “need” is a mattress protector (and your sheets of course) and post #89 here has more information about the different types and the tradeoffs involved with each of them.

Anything else such as a mattress pad is optional and would be used for “fine tuning” if it was necessary.