New Tempurpedic equivalent to older one

Hi there,

I have a Tempur-Cloud Elite Breeze from about 12 years agio. At the time we bought this mattress it was the second softest model available in the Cloud line, with the cloud Luxe softer, and then the cloud Supreme being one level firmer than ours.

It’ll soon be time to get a new Tempur-pedic and I’m having trouble finding a mattress similar in support and depth and softness to our mattress, but our mattress is perfect for us and 12 years ago we spent many many hours testing mattresses to choose it.

I’m wondering if there is any way to figure out which current model or models are the closest to the one we have, so that I can at least narrow down our search. When I go to a mattress store and try Tempur-pedics none of them seem to feel like ours felt when we first got it. To make it extra confusing, some of them are called the Elite, but they feel nothing like our mattress feels and are designated as medium firm, while our mattress was designated as extra soft. I realize ours will have changed a lot in 12 years, but my partner and I both remember more or less the feeling of it, and why we chose it, and we’re striking out on finding its twin. I’d be so grateful for any advice!

The best thing would be to search craigslist and Facebook marketplace for the same mattress. Sometimes they are new. Some are used. I would not be scared of used. Most use a mattress protector and you will use new sheets. Have you stayed at a hotel? You slept on a used mattress.

With current line of Tempur, check out Luxe Adapt Soft and ProAdapt Soft. Also, ProAdapt medium and Adapt line.


I went on Temourpedic chat box, they said that Cloud Elite Breeze is similar to LuxeBreeze Firm. Try LuxeAdapt Firm too. Try LuxeBreeze Soft and PrpBreeze medium while you at it.

Luxe Adapt Firm is my favorite….but pick what you like.