New to site-anyone shop at in delaware?

I just bought a new house and am going to buy a new bed and toss my old back breaker out. I live in philadelphia and found the post here listing some good knowledgeable stores to check out.

I’m thinking of trying out this place:

in delaware. (mostly interested in trying out the pure latex bliss line) Just wondering if anyone here has shopped there and knew of a good salesperson to get a hold of. There’s a lot of great info here on this site, and A LOT of reading. After doing some due diligence I realize how indispensable a great knowledgeable salesperson is going to be since I am so unfamiliar with anything other than the ole innerspring.

Also was thinking of checking out Verlo…Directory of Verlo Mattress Locations. Find a Verlo Mattress store in your town. in West Chester.

I’ll probably go in and ask a few questions to gauge the qualifications of the sales person but it’d be great if someone here has shopped at one of these stores and could pass on the name of a quality salesrep.

Thank you so much…great site. This is my first bed purchase by myself, a lot of info to digest but I guess a few days of research is nothing compared to a decade of good sleep.

Just a little info about myself if it helps people make a reccomendation:
5’7", male, 180 pounds, mainly side sleeper (80%), 20% back sleeper. I have some upper back pain from working in a lab (I’m slouched over at the bench or in the hood or at my computer most of the day). I am like a furnace and could probably nap in a refrigerator so I think memory foam or materials that don’t breathe well would be out.

Hi wyen78,

A forum search on themattressexpert (you can just click this) will give you some feedback about them.

A forum search on Verlo West Chester (you can also just click this) will give you some feedback about them as well.

I’m guessing you’ve already read it but just in case … post #1 here has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines and links to some of the more helpful forum posts that can help you make the best possible choices.


Hi Wyen78,
I recently purchased a pure LatexBliss queen size Nature mattress and matching foundation from The Mattress Expert. You can read my posts and Phoenix’s on The Mattress Expert and the PLB mattress and foundation here and here.

If you purchase a PLB mattress from The Mattress Expert it will be shipped from Gardners Mattress in Lancaster, PA.

Gardners used STI freight company to ship the mattress and foundation. Gardners boxed the mattress and foundation and banded them to a pallet. They arrived in excellent condition. It took about 2 weeks for delivery because the mattress and foundation were ordered new, and because rarely will freight companies ship directly to you. I tracked my shipment from Lancaster, PA to Monroe Township, NJ, Morrisville, NC, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, and then to me in northeast TN.

The Mattress Expert has no comfort exchange, probably due to the fact that it is expensive to freight ship a mattress. They will replace a damaged mattress or foundation. So, if you decide to purchase from them you should first go to a PLB retail store and try out the PLB mattresses. You can search for PLB retailers in the Philly and Delaware area on their website.

I spoke to a number of PLB retailers in a 100 mile radius of our zip code and all were willing to deal down from PLB’s MAP(minimum advertised price). I chose to purchase from The Mattress Expert because of total price (no tax, free delivery) and the closest PLB retailer to me did not carry the Nature model.

Thanks much guys. After calling and talking to mattressexperts I found out that I would have to go to gardners to tryout beds. I checked their website and have a pretty good feeling about them. They seem to be committed to good customer service. Luckily I can drive the hour and half to lancaster to check them out.

After I visit the store, I’ll post up a review on here.