newbie: how to make mattress firmer?


I just got a mattress from a friend, it looks like it is Simmons Beautyrest Classic and it is about 5 y.o. Coming from 10 y.o. piece of c**p on which i was sleeping for the past 10 years, the mattress is very comfortable. But i am finding it a bit hard to get used to. My previous mattress was very firm, and if I am not mistaken the one that I have is “pillow-top” (?) i.e. very soft. Plus, there might be some sagging that Beutyrest owners complain so frequently.

So, I was wondering is there any chance to “firm” the feeling of the mattress via memory foam topper for example? Most memory foam mattresses are considered to be "firm.

Also, I found this advice on getting rid of mattress odor:
does it sound sensible to try?

Thanks so much!

Hi ryoanji,

There is really no way to make a mattress firmer except perhaps partially or temporarily. There are a few suggestions in post #4 here which may provide some ideas for a temporary or partial solution depending on the source of the problem.

Yes … I think the article gives some good advice.


Thank you so much! Yes, that was extremely helpful and I should definitely spend more time perusing your great site. Actually, what “sndslpr” described in her/his post regarding loss of support in the hip area, is exactly what I am experiencing, could not have said better.

So, I guess it is very typical. Oh, well… the search goes on :slight_smile:

Once again, thank you so-so much!