Newbie Looking at Memory Foam

Hi! Just found this website and reading through the wealth of information. Went to SleepExperts in the DFW area of TX this weekend and they have a nice sale on memory foam beds and offer 5 year 0% financing and 1 year comfort guarantee which all sounds attractive and they have a Comforpedic Seabrooke that my wife and I kind of liked.

Sounds like you think consumers can do better at independent manufacturer/factory direct outlets versus the national brand retailers. Can you supply a list of suggestions for zip code 76180?


Hi b360155,

This article will probably be worth reading and will help you eliminate most of the lower value choices … and reduce the temptation of most of the “fake sales” that are so common in the industry :slight_smile:

Yes … smaller independent brands that are either sold factory direct or through better sleep shops are usually the best source of quality and value. They are also staffed by people who are much more knowledgeable about mattresses and the materials in them. Some of the better choices in the Dallas / Ft Worth area are in posts #2 and #4 here.

The local manufacturers there though don’t think very highly of memory foam and there is little of it available from the factory direct manufacturers there (City mattress has a latex/memory foam hybrid and an innerspring hybrid).

Later tonight and tomorrow I’ll do some looking and add some possibilities for those who are looking at memory foam but in the meantime would be worth a call. They are a local wholesale manufacturer that makes some good quality/value memory foam mattresses and a phone call will provide you with the retailers near you that carry them.


Thanks for the reply. I went to their website and sent them an email a few minutes ago so hopefully they’ll get back to me. If you come up with any other suggestions in my area for memory foam mattresses, I’d appreciate it.

Anybody have any thoughts or experiences with an innerspring/memory foam hybrid? They’re quite a bit cheaper than the 100% foam beds and it seems like they might dissipate heat better since you have more air space between the coils instead of having solid foam. I laid on one yesterday and it felt pretty similar to the all foam beds too.

Just a heads. Besides the big mattress stores being some of the largest ripoffs in all of retail (I was a retail executive for many years), the sounds so great financing usually is not. There are usually many catches, and do not ever be even a minute late on a payment or the finance charge will be 20 something percent, and can be retroactive. I have seen other great scams like no warranty exchange on finance, no refunds on already processed payments, etc. Besidea all of that I can almost guarantee that the marked price is twice what the actually full retail value should be. So the great price may actually be somewhere around actual retail.

Hi b3t0155,

The cost of an innerspring/memory foam hybrid vs a polyfoam/memory foam hybrid (what most people think of as a “memory foam” mattress) would depend on the quality and cost of the materials in the mattress. The difference between them is in the type of support system in the mattress and some innersprings are less than some polyfoam cores and in other cases it’s the other way around. High quality polyfoam will be more expensive than inexpensive innersprings (such as some bonnell coils or continuous coils) and more expensive innersprings (like pocket coils) will be more expensive than lower quality polyfoam. For example … if you were to look at Serta’s icomfort line and compare it to Serta’s iCoil line, you would find that at the same price points the iCoil line has less costly materials on top but the coil system is more expensive while the iComfort line uses more costly materials on top but the polyfoam in the base layers is less expensive than the innerspring. In other words… their Duet coil system is more expensive than the 1.5 lb polyfoam they use in their support layers.

Some people will prefer the feel and performance of different types of support layers (innersprings vs polyfoam as an example) but it’s all the layers in the mattress that determines its cost not just one of the components and because here are so many variants of each type of material or component … more general cost comparisons can be misleading. If the comfort layers are similar … the key is always which type of foam vs which type of innerspring is underneath them.

I most cases … the upper comfort layers will be the “weak link” of a mattress and this is where it’s very important to know the quality and durability of the materials that are used. The loss of comfort and/or support is not covered by a warranty and it is rarely the support layers of a mattress that fail whether they are polyfoam or innersprings (assuming they are both good quality).

An innerspring/memory foam hybrid and a polyfoam/memory foam hybrid are both just as much “memory foam mattresses” or “memory foam hybrids” and the choice between the different support layers in each would generally be based on how well each one provided you with PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and your Personal Preferences) and that the quality of the materials in both (you can’t feel quality) would ensure that the performance of a mattress that is what attracts you to it in the first place can be reasonably expected to last for long enough that its durability justifies the price you are paying for it … regardless of the types of components or materials that are in it.


Hi b3t0155,

I spent some time looking at websites and talking with some of the manufacturers and retailers in Dallas/Fort Worth area and have updated the Dallas list. You will find it in post #4 here. :slight_smile: