Night Thearapy brand

What about the quality of the Night Therapy memory foam matresses?

They are made by Zinus and produced in China. They are also not listed on the Certi-Pur site (or any other testing agency that I am aware of).

I would not likely consider them … especially if the density of the memory foam or the details of the support layer was not known.

EDIT ADDED LATER: Zinus is now listed on the Certi-Pur site so I now would consider them as a memory foam option

There are literally hundreds of memory foam manufacturers from all over the world. Many offer few details about their memory foam or its source. Without knowing who makes the memory foam, details of any testing for chemicals, offgassing, and durability (such as Oeko-tex or Certi-pur), the density of the memory foam, and the type and density of the support foam underneath the memory foam, I personally would not consider buying it no matter what the price.


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While we’re on this topic, do we know where Sealy Embody makes there foam? Where/how it’s tested?

How about Costco brands like Sleep Science?

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Sealy latex comes from Sapsa which they used to own but was divested in the last year and now is part of a licensing agreement.

Sealy polyfoam and memory foam comes from Carpenter (the largest American foam manufacturer and pourer)

Their innersprings are manufactured in house using components from Leggett & Platt

Sleep science is owned by Southbay International who manufactures their own foam in China