No pain, no gain...

So I recently got a new two sided mattress about a month ago thanks to Phoenix and this forum for all the information provided for me to choose a good value/quality mattress made and sold locally in Toronto, Canada.

It did not take very long for the body and the new mattress to get in sync (about 2 days) providing me with the best sleep I’ve had in years, this is mainly because my old IKEA mattress was not of the highest quality and was long overdue it’s replacement time.

I bought my mattress with the intent to get a Latex topper along with it but I wanted to sleep on my mattress to see if I topper was really needed, by chance I got a good deal on a brand new IKEA Tromsdalen Latex topper and I took the plunge (originally I wanted to spend a bit more on a thicker higher quality Talalay Latex topper).

When I first tried the IKEA topper with my mattress I couldn’t sleep, the combination was too firm for me and the smell of the Latex topper was extremely bad but something came up and I had to take a 2 week trip which allowed me to air out the smell of the Latex topper almost completely but even then after 2 weeks the combination of the topper and my mattress was still too firm for me upon returning from my trip (I thought it was the smell initially).

I decided to put the IKEA topper away in order to sell or give it to a family member as a gift and just sleep on my mattress alone, after about one month of sleeping on my mattress which has soften it up quite a bit and I’ve since rotated and flip my mattress fully twice I decided to give the IKEA topper another chance just last week.

It’s been about 5 days of mild pain waking up each morning but it’s getting better each day in fact waking up today I feel the Latex topper combination with my soften mattress feels almost as good as sleeping on the mattress alone for the past month, I expect for the combination to get better as the Latex topper softens up and bonds with my mattress which can still soften up more itself.

Even though sleep in getting better by the day, I don’t really like the flat feeling of laying on Latex directly and the holes in the IKEA Latex topper although not as annoying anymore are still there thus I’m deciding to get a 1" thick quilted mattress pad to go on top on the IKEA Latex topper since I very much prefer a puffy pillow feel but still want the firm yet conforming support from the Latex topper.

My advice to those of you reading this is to give your mattress/topper and body time to adjust to each other, the mattress/topper with soften up over time and your body will start to adjust to the mattress; the time in which this takes varies for each person and the material your mattress/topper is made of but I believe its’ worth the wait if the mattress/topper you chose was indeed the right fit for you and you’ve tried it for a good amount of time in stores/showroom.

Hi Nemix,

Thanks for the update.

I would certainly agree with this (see post #3 here) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply Phoenix,

In fact I’m starting to like my IKEA topper and mattress combination so much I’m thinking of getting another Tromsdalen topper for the other side of my mattress when flipped…since the topper is only 1.5" of actual Latex it would probably not make much of a difference flipping the topper itself.

Having two topper would allow me to let one rest and recover rolled up stored away until I fully flip my mattress again, this is just an idea and only if I can get the IKEA topper again for a good price if not I’ll just stick with my one topper and get a quilted mattress pad which I plan on getting any way regardless…

I ordered the Extra Plush Bamboo Mattress Pad today, it should arrive at latest mid next week.

I can’t wait…the mattress pad should further enhance the overall feel of my mattress with IKEA’s Latex topper and soften up the top of mattress so that I won’t feel the indent holes in IKEA’s Latex topper and at the same provide a bit of cushioning for sleeping on my side occasionally.

Hi Nemix,

I hope you like it and I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback once you’ve received it and have had the chance to try it out.