Non Latex Organic Mattress Help

We had been shopping for a non latex, non toxic mattress. We had been looking at the MyGreenMattress Pure Echo and the Naturepedic Chorus. Was hoping to get some comfortable but basic and upgrade a topper if necessary. We are both tall larger people who both side & back sleep. Hate super soft smooshy beds. We went to the Naturepedic store and thought the Chorus was very comfortable. Even more cozy with a wool topper. Tried some of the beds with some latex but didn’t care for the smoosh. Didn’t like the prices at Naturepedic, of course. Based on several reviews and forum posts saying the mattresses were similar, we bought the MyGreenMattress Pure Echo. While it seems like a decent mattress, it’s a touch too firm for me. Is this because of the coil regions? WIll the Chorus be more flexible? Will a wool topper provide some softness to the Echo to nuzzle in a bit more? Wool toppers are just so expensive and non returnable. Is it worth just buying the Chorus instead? Just afraid spending the extra money and it won’t be any more comfortable. Any suggestions?

Hey cj25,

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Congrats on your new mattress shopping adventure! Both candidates of My Green Mattress and Naturepedic cover the “natural” story well, and your strategy of starting with something basic and a possible topper upgrade at a future time seems a sensible way to go for minimizing returns. Thanks for including a few of your personal specs, as sleep positions, BMI, and body profile/ weight distribution all play into understanding what materials, layering and constructions would be best suited for you. When you describe both of you as “tall larger people”, could you share with us your weights and heights, as well what body profile types you have?

Congrats on your new mattress purchase, cj25 :slight_smile: ! Thanks for supporting expert trusted member My Green Mattress, I regard them quite highly in terms of expertise in product design and customer satisfaction experience. I am happy to hear that you were able to make some COVID-safe showroom visits and test some different models; at least you were able to rule out latex as a material choice and narrow down potential candidates from your testing.

MGM’s Pure Echo mattress is available in one firmness: Firm. MGM uses a heavyweight organic cotton comfort layer over an 8 inch 13 3/4 gauge pocketed coils throughout the mattress surface, providing a firm support feel. Naturepedic’s Chorus’s firmness is rated as “Medium” and incorporates 1.5" microcoils as its comfort layer, and as their site does not disclose any spec details, there is no meaningful way to compare the two mattresses from a construction standpoint. With the combination of a back and side sleeping profile, the challenge you may have is finding the optimal blend of comfort and support that will allow your shoulders and hips just enough “sink” for pressure point relief and proper spinal alignment. Pocket coils are a good choice for forming a bit of a cradle when changing from back to side positions and both mattresses use a pocketed coil array in their support cores. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee which mattress may have a better “feel” for your needs without your testing them personally, but a few more questions may provide some clues. How long have you been sleeping on your new Pure Echo? There is a “sleep adjustment” period where you body adapts to a new mattress’s comfort and support feel, usually 30 days at minimum and why a manufacturer often extends a 100 night sleep trial with purchase. What brand and type mattress were you using before and how old was it? What are you using for a using for a foundation for your new mattress?

Adding a new topper may be a consideration further on down the road if you’re still adjusting to your new Echo, cj25, especially as wool toppers are expensive and generally non returnable, to your point. My one suggestion here is that you first contact My Green Mattress for their thoughts on what next steps would be, you may reach them directly at: 877-737-8237, email them: [email protected] or use their “Ask an Expert” forum to post a question. Hope this helps and let us know how things go :wink: .