non-toxic adjustable base

Hi Ken,
I read the you carry Reverie adjustable bases. An organic mattress store told me that the 3EM Reverie was made without foam or flame retardants. I could not find anything on their website and went to various voicemail trees. My husband is in love with the idea of an adjustable base, I want it without all the toxins. I also read that some of the Reverie bases do not let enough air flow for latex mattresses, is the 3EM that way too?

Thank you for your questions. Reverie 3EM without foam, yes, without fire barrier - highly unlikely. That would be a lawsuit waiting to happen but I tell you what, I will email your questions about it directly to my Reverie rep and get back to you with a firm answer from the source.

Here’s what they tell me: The 3em has no foam. Because of that we don’t have to do a Miliken burn test for FR. It’s just a mesh material wrapped around the wood.

Yeah!!! You are so fast!! It seems crazy to go organic and natural, just to add all that foam and flame retardant back in with an adjustable foundation. I was sure there had to be something that someone made besides the very pricey one for naturepedic. I want to make my husband happy, not break the bank!

It doesn’t hurt to have the right connections. Glad to be able to help.