Normal Memory foam bed 's behavior?

Hi I’m new to memory foam beds and just bought one a couple weeks ago in peoria illinois. I’m a bigger guy and had bought a king size bed. My question is that during my sleep while sleeping on my back the foam in the lower back and upper thigh area starts to settle more and make a hammock, is this normal?

It is still supportive and feels way better and sleeps better than the old bed which sagged terribly, but it still has an awkward feeling on my lower back when I wake up. I don’t know if its something my back needs to still get use to or should look into taking it back and getting another one.

Hi cefar,

What you are describing sounds like something that is not an uncommon occurance. Memory foam softens (some say ‘melts’) under you in response to body heat and pressure. One result is that you can ‘melt’ deeper and deeper as the night goes on, which sounds like what you are describing. There is usually a poly foam under the memory foam to stop you from sinking too far.

As to whether it will get better or worse, or if it’s causing you to come out of alignment, that’s something only you’ll be able to tell. It’s possible you will adjust (most will say give a new mattress 30 nights sleep if you can), or it’s possible that the thickness of the memory foam layer and the type of memory foam (different types of memory foam behave very differently) isn’t a combination that you will find comfortable for overnight sleeping.

One thing you can try to experiment, if you’re so inclined, is using a comforter or mattress pad over the memory foam, to reduce the amount of body heat that transfers to the foam, and see if that helps any (or if you have one handy, a topper).

Hi cefar,

“ditto” to dn’s comments … almost word for word (thanks dn :))


Thank you both very much I would hate to take it back because it is so comfortable. Ill try your suggestions and hope it works well thank you again!