Not a good first night. Is this mattress right for me?

I took the leap and got the TEMPUR-Breeze PRObreeze Medium Hybrid. I liked it a lot in the store. Last night was my first night on it. I know there is an adjustment period, but I confess, I was hoping for a magical night. It was not that. I tossed and turned and woke up more sore than I was waking up with my old mattress. It was the Simmons Beautyrest Phenom Crossover Plush (gel foam over pocketed coils) for context, and I was on it for 5 years.

I’m a 35 year old female, and I have chronic pain and sleep issues due to long term neurological Lyme disease. I am 260 pounds. I wear a CPAP. I’m a side sleeper, though I often wake on my back. The guy in the store said that’s due to discomfort, but I did it even more with the new mattress last night. I tend to be cold, so the heat retention of memory foam isn’t really an issue for me. The mattress is off gassing, and my body doesn’t detox well so that could be part of my bad night.

I did get an adjustable base, so I could play around with that and maybe try sleeping on my back…

Do I keep trying it out or is this not the mattress for me?

If not this mattress, what mattress do you recommend for me?

Thank you!!

I don’t see how you can make a decision after one single night. I cannot imagine deciding to return it after less than one week of trying it out.

Can I ask how long you spent looking/testing mattresses? For this one, did you visit the store more than once, or you decided to buy it after laying on it one single time? (For your next purchase, I would try to test the bed two separate times (i.e., on two separate days), ideally wearing different outfits.

Hey krockwell,

Welcome to The Mattress Underground :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question.

Congrats on your new mattress purchase :slight_smile: ! Yes; there can be differing “feels” to a mattress when testing floor models in the store, as opposed to sleeping on a freshly manufactured mattress in your personal sleep environment. The type pillows used, foundation, linens, mattress protectors, etc. all play a role in changing the mattress’s comfort feel in varying degrees. I’m sorry to learn that your first night was one of tossing and turning, and not the “magical night” you had hoped for. Let’s briefly compare the two mattress’s ingredients.

I couldn’t find a product cutaway for your Simmons Beautyrest Phenom Crossover Plush but did find some descriptions. It is a 13" tight top design, featuring layers of gel memory/ memory foam over pocketed coils. Your new PRObreeze Medium Hybrid is a similar design, using PCM/ phase change materials within the cover and gel memory foams for providing temperature regulation. One difference between the two is the Beautyrest is a plush firmness vs. your new TEMPUR’s medium firmness. As your body has 5 years of sleep history with a softer firmness, it likely needs more of a “sleep adjustment” period to adapt to the new medium firmness feel. Is there a specific reason for changing from a plush to a medium firmness?

I’m sorry to hear of your chronic pain and sleep issues, krockwell. Lyme’s disease is a serious illness, creating many difficult long-term side effects to endure as you know. The memory foam’s offgassing could be an indirect trigger of sorts with overall discomfort, but hopefully that has dissipated by now. Have you noticed any improvement in the mattress’s comfort?

Many people find adjustable bed bases to be good for back sleeping (as well as CPAP users). Now that you’ve been using that for several days, are you noticing any improvements?

Many mattress companies will not accept a return before a 30 day sleep trial has passed. If it all possible, give your body a little more time to adapt to the mattress’s different firmness feel. If you are terribly uncomfortable, you may consider reaching out to the seller regarding next steps and what that process looks like. In any case, you may consider a view of Phoenix’s articles"Five Steps to Finding Your Perfect Mattress"and “Your Sleeping Style, Preferences, and Personal Statistics”, these should give a starting point for better understanding how to pair a mattress with your comfort preferences. Good luck and let us know how things go… :wink: .


“Is there a specific reason for changing from a plush to a medium firmness?”[quote][/quote]

Ignorance is the only reason. I guess I liked the feel of a more plush TempurPedic mattress in the store, but I’m in bed most of the day, so I wasn’t sure it would provide enough support for sitting through the day.

I’ve continue to have pain and less sleep on the new mattress. After 7 nights of 5-6 hours of bad sleep and waking in pain, I ended up getting a mattress topper with the idea that I will have more comfort as I continue to break in the new mattress. I guess I’ve added a more plush feel. I’ve had two nights with the topper. I’m sleeping better, but I don’t know if I’m quite there yet. At least it’s good enough to continue to trial. My health was on a rapid decline with the poor sleep, and now I feel I’m catching up again.

Yes, I wondered if the off-gassing was part of the issue. It does seem to be better now, the off gassing. And I’m not getting the same organ pain. But I still feel my sleep is a bit restless.

I wasn’t able to sleep with the mattress adjusted. I really fall asleep best on my side, and so I need it flat.

Thanks, Sensei!

Hey krockwell,

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: .

krockwell, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s understandable that you liked your Tempur’s plush feel in the store, and it may be that your body is still trying to adjust to a different comfort and support feel than you are used to. Keep in mind that a mattress’s support is designed with your body’s sleeping positions in mind, not the same concept as for day sitting activities, so you may be accelerating material compression unknowingly. BTW, did you by chance update your pillows with your new mattress?

I’m sorry to learn of your prolonged pain and discomfort krockwell, it must be terribly frustrating to deal with. Happy to hear that the addition of the topper has improved its plushness somewhat and hopefully that helps as your body continues adjusting to the mattress’s firmness. Continue to keep track of your trial period in case you need to make a different decision before it ends.

[quote]Yes, I wondered if the off-gassing was part of the issue. It does seem to be better now, the off gassing. And I’m not getting the same organ pain. But I still feel my sleep is a bit restless.

Thanks for this update too and glad to know the off gassing has subsided :slight_smile: .

Adjustable bed bases are nice to have and are quite comfortable in certain positions, but to your point, they aren’t exactly side-sleeping friendly when you prefer to fall asleep in that position. It does however give you some positioning variety for your daytime sitting periods. I hope your pain issues continue to ease and that you find the better sleep that you deserve soon :wink: .