"Not Acceptable" error messages on the forum

Hello all,

I have noticed very recently that some posts don’t seem to post and come back with a “Not Acceptable” error. After a lot of research I discovered that it was because of the use of a percentage sign in the post and if this is removed and replaced with the word “percent” that the post will be fine.

I don’t at this point know the reason for this and I suspect it may be a result of recent security upgrades with my hosting provider in response to recent hacking attempts (unsuccessful) on their sever and that this may be a side effect.

I will check with them but the workaround for the moment is not to use the “percent” sign.

If anyone is getting this error for any other reasons (once you’ve removed any percentage signs) please let me know either in a PM or at the contact link at the top of the page.

Sorry for any inconvenience or frustration.


Hello all

The 406 “Not Acceptable” error has now been fixed and we are all free to use the % sign once again. It was in fact a security setting with my host.

I’ll leave this up for a day or two so that those who may have had the error know it’s ok to use % again and then I’ll unpin it.

Thanks for your patience to those (and I was one of them) who were affected and couldn’t figure out why their posts weren’t working.