Not sure how I got here but sure am thankful I did

Thank you “guys” for sharing your knowledge and understanding with the unknowing public. I have been to many of the typical national mattress and furniture stores and it seemed the more I looked around the more confused I became. Latex? Foam? Air? Core? Comfort Level?

Makes my head hurt just typing it.

I ended up here and have spent the better part of 2 days learning and absorbing all the information and discussion you offer us. I am about to pull the trigger on the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress on Amazon and because of this site have absolutely no issue with ordering a mattress “online”.

Thank you for saving both my body and my wallet and me from myself and the retail industry.

I will post again when I am settled in and have given my purchase the chance to impress me.

Hi Boneyarddog,

Thanks for the kind words … and I’m glad the site could help you.

As you know … you made a great quality/value choice and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback when you’ve had the chance to sleep on it.

Congratulations on your new mattress :wink: