Three years ago I was looking into latex beds, but ended up not getting one, and am feeling the results of that…back/hip pain.
However I am getting so confused and worry that I will end up not buying the right one, yet again.
I have been researching your site… thanks for all the info, but it’s almost to much info for me! I was looking for info on the NOVOpure mattresses, and didn’t find any, only the NOVOtech. I tested both, the Aberdeen and the Della, at Scan Design Coquitlem BC. Liked both, and since I actually have a 2 latex topper already (from snugsleep), I think the Della, which is firmer would be just fine. My worry though is that it’s not just latex, has this soy foam, and I can’t find any info on it. The warranty is only for 10 years (as seen in store), where as many other latex mattresses I have seen online, have at least 20 year warranty. When I go to their website, I also find it very lacking in information, no layer info, which I find strange, and it takes me to Restwell for the warranty info.
What are your thoughts on this mattress? if you know anything about it that is?
I am just heading out to have a look at in bed organics today as well as the majestic futon for more comparison.
I did try snugsleep three years ago, and found them to be to soft, perhaps he has something a bit firmer now…

Hi lizard,

The NOVOpure site doesn’t list the layering that they use in their mattresses so you would be dependent on the retailer to know what they were but at least they are listed “in general” on the Scan Designs site (even though they don’t list the quality specs of the hybrid latex or the polyfoam). For me to even consider these I would want to know the density of the non latex layers and I would hope Scan Designs would phone the factory to find out for you (and they may not even provide them to the retailer).

The “soy foam” is simply polyurethane foam where a small part (usually under 20%) of one of the two main chemicals used (the polyols) have been replaced with chemically altered plant oils (in this case from soy). The other main chemical (the isocyanates) are still from petrochemicals. While it is a small step in the direction of using more sustainable raw materials in the manufacturing of polyfoam … it is still basically a petrochemical based polyfoam. Like all mattresses … knowing the quality and value would depend on knowing the density of the foams to identify any weak link in the mattress and to make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses. Knowing the foam density (in the case of polyfoam and memory foam layers that total more than an inch or so) is one of the most important parts of a mattress purchase.

You are correct that these are polyfoam/latex hybrids. The Aberdeen Falls here has 3" of Talalay latex over a “hybrid” latex (which would be mainly polyfoam) and then a 6" polyfoam base layer. The Della Falls here has 2" of Talalay latex over a 7" polyfoam base layer. Both of these have a bamboo ticking quilted with wool. They should both be significantly less than an all latex mattress and considering the materials I would say they are on the high end. The Aberdeen is approaching all latex prices even though it only has 3" of latex in it.

There are some good sources in the area …including Majestic Futon (where my daughter bought her Dunlop latex mattress) and I think you can probably do better than the NOVOpure.


THanks so much for your quick reply!

I did a bit more research and did find out the info on this NOVOpure bed at ScanDesigns website, and I believe you are totally right that I can find a better bed for a reasonable price.
I ended up going to 3 different places today, all on your recommended list.:
Majestic Futon, which has a 25% discount on all dunlop mattresses, including the Unison normal price $2449 for a queen, which I quite liked. The only thing is that I would like to use my already bought latex topper, and I wouldn’t need it on this bed.
I then headed over to Green Works who sell $2484 as well Sueno $ 2219, no discount however. Both very similar, except a zipper cover on the inbedorganics.
Then over to I went, and Jon was very informative. He has the dunlop latex mattress for $1150, no cover, just as is. No returns, out the store and you have to live with what you got, so he really encouraged us to spend plenty of time testing. But with all the plastic still on the latex, its a bit hard to get the “real” feel. Since we have a 2 inch latex topper from Snug Sleep, we are going to go over there again and test with it. It’s a good deal, but we are still not 100% sure if that is the right place to buy it from.
We are going over to SnugSleep later, to see if we can create a bed, using our 2 inch topper to finish it off, and hopefully pay less. Yes, he is a bit more expensive than discountfoam, but I know his return policy is better than none.
I know this is more informative than asking questions… so here is one: What is your theory on stacking as Snugsleep offers? 4x2 inches, etc with different densities?
Thanks again for a great website!

Hi lizard,

It’s always the end result that matters. If a mattress with 4 x 2" layers provides you with the PPP you need (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) … and the materials are high quality (which they are) then it would be fine. There is no inherent positive or negative in having more layers if the combination “works” for you. While it provides more layering options for fine tuning the feel and performance of the mattress … in some cases it can encourage “overanalysis” of specs and layering rather than trusting what you experience from careful testing in the showroom.