Novosbed Aria = Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme?

I have spent quite a bit of time testing Tempurpedics in stores and decided that the Cloud Supreme is best fit for me. (I think, however I am still considering the Cloud Luxe). Now I am of course trying to find an affordable comparable.

I have come across the Brooklyn Bedding version of the Cloud Supreme, as well as the SelectFoam one. However those are still out of my price range and the one that I am targeting for its affordability is the NovosBed Aria, which NovosBed compares to the Cloud Supreme.

I haven’t found much feedback on this bed.

Here are the specs:

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme
Top Layer - 2" Soft Tempur-ES (supposed 4lb density) | 2nd layer - 2" 5.3lbs/cubic ft | Support layer - 7" of ? lbs/cubic ft

NovosBed Aria
Top Layer - 2" 4.1lbs/cubic ft | 2nd Layer - 2" 5.2lbs/cubic ft | Support layer - 7" 2 lbs/cubic ft

Has anyone out there gotten the NovosBed Aria for its similarity to the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme? If so I would love to know your thoughts on if it is a good comparison and if everything worked out. Aria owners please let us know what you think about your bed.

Also, Phoenix, since you have spoken directly with some of the top people of these companies, do you know how closely/rigorously the guys at Novosbed have tried to match their beds to the Tempurpedics? Is this a case of, “the specs match so we will compare it to the Cloud Supreme for sales copy”, or Novosbed actively trying to match and testing the Aria’s feel to the Cloud Supreme. Thanks.

Hi bmbsqd7,

The comparisons on our website are driven by specifications; we believe this to be the most fair and accurate way to compare mattresses (from any company). “Feel” is too subjective and can be influenced by anything from price to sales-pitch. This is one of the reasons that mattress specifications are often considered trade secrets; by hiding them, companies force consumers to compare completely different mattresses by “feel”.

The Aria is made from foams that have densities and ILDs similar to those used throughout the industry in comparable mattresses (I’d be happy to post this information if you’d like). By virtue of these specifications, these mattresses have very similar feels.

The vast majority of Novosbed Aria owners love them - I hope some reply to this thread.

In the rare occasion someone doesn’t, they return (or exchange) their Aria entirely at our expense (see our 120-night guarantee here) - I hope those customers also reply to this thread and talk about the return process.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Warmest regards,


Hi bmbsqd7,

Well … you received an answer right from the horses mouth (and Sam … I wasn’t calling you a horse :))

In general … you can compare a mattress by feel (which as Novosbed mentioned is subjective to a large degree but can have some accuracy if enough people have done side by side testing of both mattresses in real time so that the comparison is meaningful), by quality of materials, or by design and layering, or in some cases all three. As Novosbed mentioned their quality is as good or better than Tempurpedic and the design is very similar. The only variable is how closely the specific memory foam and base foam they use compares to Tempurpedic in terms of feel and performance (different types of memory foam of the same density can have a different feel, performance, and properties from company to company … see post #9 here and post #8 here). Of course as Novosbed mentioned, they have a great return policy if a mattress you order isn’t close enough to the tempurpedic you tested.


Thank you to both Phoenix and Novosbed for the replies.

I agree that feel is subjective, but there are ways to eliminate the influence or bias from outside variables while mattress testing such as a double blind study.

The Aria sounds promising. I am still hoping to hear from any Aria owners out there about their experience.