Novosbed classic mattress

After taking some weeks researching and reading many info and reviews (thanks Phoenix!) , we decided to give Novosbed a try. We chose the classic one because we prefer the firmer bed. It has 4″ of Memory Foam (5.2 lbs/ft3) and 6″ of Support Foam (2 lbs/ft3). We don’t really know how the novosflow will help the air circulation and temperature during sleeping, but we will see how it goes when we get the bed. The old mattress we had (also memory foam) is becoming softer after 5 years of use and really warm sometime during sleep, we are really excited for the new one.

Here is some reasons we chose Novosbed:
-Price: It has good price value with the high density it has (5.2lbs/ft3)
-Made in USA & Certipur
-Risk free trial: Free 2 way shipping & full refund
-Good BBB review ( My husband really trusts the bbb, which I don’t because some small companies do have good products w/o bbb…)

We ordered a queen bed with 2 free pillows ( they run this free pillow promotion all the time & don’t really know why putting a count-down timer there). After we placed the order, we got a email saying our order is out of stock and will be delayed for about a week. The email responses is quick but it would be better if we can be informed the stock situation before the order (not after).

Anyway, hopefully we will get the mattress next week and will update after that!

Hi Heiwainu,

Thanks for your comments and for letting us know what you purchased … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I hope you have the chance to share your thoughts and feedback once you’ve had the chance to sleep on it as well.