Novosbed Question

Phoenix - How does Novosbed create mattresses at such a low price point? I am looking for a bed that feels like the Tempur Cloud Supreme Breeze? The Novosbed Harmony is considerably lower in cost than the Brooklyn Bedding and Dreamfoam beds I am considering.

Just wondering. Thanks much - LAB3

Hi lab3,

The most common reason besides any differences in margins or cost of business is that the materials and components would be lower quality or cost than the mattresses you are comparing them to.


Hi Lab3 and Phoenix,

Novosbeds are made from the same base components, in the same quantities, and by the same machinery as all the big brands. Our mattresses are every-bit as good as our competitors, and in many cases much better (high-density foams, higher-quality covers, longer warranties).

The big difference between and others is that we’re direct-online and don’t need to add distribution costs, rent, sales commission, and expensive showrooms to our markup.

All the best,

Hi Novosbeds,

Thanks for your comments … but I think the question was more in comparison to other manufacturers mentioned on the site (or in this case a specific one) rather than the larger mainstream brands or “competitors” which for most people here are “automatic exclusions” anyway.

While your comments are certainly accurate in comparison to the more mainstream brands (which of course is why you are on the list of better memory foam options) … they would also be true for all the other online memory foam sources mentioned there as well that is your “real” competition on the site and forum which has a little different context and a little tougher “competition” than the larger market as a whole. :slight_smile:

Of course the “value” of any mattress purchase includes more than just the “commodity value” of a mattress and all the other objective, subjective, and even intangible factors that may be important in each person’s personal value equation will also play a significant role as well when they are comparing “good to good” instead of “good to something less”.