NovosBed Review

We have been sleeping on our NovosBed (Sonata) for about two and a half weeks now. I thought this would be good time to share our thoughts on the bed so far.
Firstly, I would like to say that the customer service and delivery was A1. I could have not asked for a better experience.
Now for the review of the bed. It appears to be very well constructed and after opening we experienced very little off gassing.
It took us a few nights to adjust, but my husband is sleeping very well. I on the other hand am finding the bed too firm, causing pressure points on my hips.
We do have the option of exchanging for a different model, I am thinking the Aria or waiting the 60 days and getting a refund.
Not really sure what to do but we do have up to 160 days to think about it.
Just thought I would share our story so far.

Hi Tizzy,

Thanks for the update … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Post #2 here has some suggestions for new memory foam mattresses that are too firm that may be helpful.


I read over your post#2 and have pretty much ticked all the boxes except for the topper. In the back of my mind I know this is an option but somehow I can’t help thinking perhaps there is just a better mattress out there for us. Just not sure, but as I said we have some time to decide. Planning on going to 2 local manufacturers this weekend to look and compare. Will let you know how our journey progresses.
Thank you for this website.

Hi Tizzy,

Two and a half weeks is still fairly early in the game and there is still some time to go for the normal break in and adjustment period (usually under about 30 days or so but sometimes longer) but I would also make sure that you also talk with Novosbed because they deal with these types of situations every day (such as couples with different needs and preferences) and may also have some good suggestions that may be very helpful.


Contacting Novosbed is something I will do for sure. I am confident that they may have solutions for us. On another note, we did visit 2 mattress Mfg. in the Toronto area today. We tested beds, we asked questions, we compared prices. Quite an education! That being said we have a feeling that perhaps a latex topper might be the way to go. Still so many questions, we just need to do our research.

Hi Tizzy,

Thanks for posting, and Phoenix: thanks for helping Tizzy with some excellent suggestions.

Let’s get to the bottom of exactly what you’re experiencing:

Your sleeping habits:

  1. What type of mattress were you sleeping on before your Novosbed Sonata?
  2. What kind of sleeper are you (Side/Back/Front)?
  3. What kind of duvet do you use?
  4. What kind of sheets/protector are between you and your mattress?
  5. In general, does your husband prefer firmer mattresses than you?

Room temperature:

  1. What is the temperature in your bedroom when you go to bed? What is the nighttime temperature in your room?
  2. Are there furnace heating vents under/beside your bed, and if so, where?
  3. Is there a cold-air return located under/beside your bed?
  4. Are there windows near your mattress? Your side of the bed?


Hi, here are the answers to your questions -

Sleeping habits -

  1. inner spring - 18 years old with 2" memory foam topper purchased about 4 years ago
  2. primarily a side sleeper
  3. goose down comforter
  4. wool protector
  5. He probably does, but he is not really that picky

Room Temp.

  1. cool - 15C
  2. no - baseboard heating
  3. N/A
  4. no

I spoke to Gaille yesterday, and she suggested to perhaps give it some more time. Hopefully, this is the case.

Hi Tizzy,

Thanks for the answers.

Memory foam (including gel memory foam) is very sensitive to temperature (hence “temp” in “Tempur-pedic”). A room temperature of 15C (59F) is likely contributing to the mattresses firmness.

Would you be able to warm your bedroom to 18C (65F) for 4 hours prior to going to bed, and keeping it that way for a night?


Warmed the bedroom up last night, did not notice a change. I hope we are just going through a break in period.

Hi Tizzy,

Thanks for trying.

For some customers who find their mattress “slightly too firm”, we recommend the “white sock” treatment: walking on your mattress for 10-15 minutes in white socks. This helps to soften the foam and accelerate the break-in period. It almost always takes the edge off the firmness.

In your case, however, I believe your mattress is much too firm. Please contact us (phone/email/live chat) and we’ll find a solution (make sure to mention that you are Tizzy from TheMattressUnderground).

Warmest regards,