NuForm Latex/Foam mattress for toddler?

I have literally spent the last 2 weeks researching the internet trying to choose a twin size mattress for my 3 year old daughter. She has allergies and sleeps hot so I had thought a HD foam base mattress with a latex top layer would work well for her. I am aware that foam off gasses so I have been researching products made and manufactured in the USA that are certi-pur and Oeko-Tec certified materials. I came across a NuForm Allure Talalay latex 11" mattress on Overstock (which after some research seems to be made by Brooklyn Bedding). It has an 8" HD poly base and 3" talalay latex top in my choice of firm (36 ILD), medium (28 ILD) or soft (19 ILD). The problem I’m having is that she only weighs 30 lbs now and will probably weigh in around 100 lbs or so by the time this mattress needs to be replaced (if it last 10 yrs) and I don’t know if I should get her the 19 ILD or 28 ILD? Everything I’ve read says that a mattress for a growing female toddler should be supportive but soft. Because of her size right now she wont be compressing the latex much which makes me think maybe 19 lLD is the way to go but what about in 6 or 7 years when she’s bigger will it be too soft? Any Advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Twinfrog,

Children need firmer sleeping surfaces than adults because their body is much more pliable and not as “rigid” as well as less “curvy”.

The very minimum I would suggest is 28 ILD or firmer and I certainly wouldn’t use 19.

When she reaches the point of needing more softness on top then you can always add a topper but that will be years down the road when her body starts to develop more “curves”.