JUST RECEIVED a 3" talalay, ild 19, from Brooklyn Bedding in a bamboo cover which cannot be removed. The label says made by NUFORM Phoenix Az. I’ve read on this site that Nuform is “slow-response” tal. although I did not check all 38 search responses. perhaps this info is outdated. i chatted online with someone from BB who wrote that it is fast response,blended, and the tal. is made by Latex Int. Sounds like what I wanted. Though it’s only been unpacked for 30 minutes it is already 3"+ thick( they say wait24-48 hrs.) and seems to respond similarly to my medium and firm layers, i.e., fast. Does this seem correct to you. is the nuform info I read outdated?
BTW, so far the topper feels great as does the cover. will update later.
Re searching-when i search your site and get many responses, after clicking on one and going back i have to type in the search term(s) again. any way to avoid this. any way to go from one response to another rather than doing,e.g. 51 separate searches? also it would be helpful to be able to use more than the max. # of characters currently allowed (is it 20?) in order to limit the # of responses.

Hi Church11,

While Nuform is the old name for slow response Talalay latex made by Latex International (now called Talalay GL slow response which has added phase change gel to the material) … Nuform is also a brand name of Brooklyn Bedding which doesn’t use Nuform at all (or talalay GL slow response). Confusing i know.

The site search has more limited functionality which is built in to the Joomla software and can’t be changed. Its only real value is that it searches the pages of the site itself not just the forum.

The Forum Search (click the tab on top of the forum) is much more functional and allows longer search terms and the results let you scan the results without having to click on any of them. This is by far the best way to search the forum. If you want to see any of the results individually then you can right click the title and click “open link in new tab”. I would change the number of search results from the default of 5 to 20 (the maximum allowed) and change the “find posts from” option to “any date” if you want the search to go back more than a year.

This a much more functional and useful search engine if you are searching the forum than the site search which is very limited.