NYC Mattress Store Reviews

These are my personal reviews, do not take any of this as any sort of offical word, or anything of the sort. It’s just my personal feeling, not anything that Phoenix or the website recommends. If anyone else feels like adding onto the threads, saying their beliefs, or simply adding another store that would be great. I’m just trying to contribute back to the site for all the help that I received.

I have only been to three stores in the NYC area. Scott Jordan, Dixie Foam, and Room and Board. I called up The Mattress Factory in New Jersey as well, but really just didn’t feel like making a trip. I was looking for all latex mattresses, or even possibly a polyfoam support layer with a latex comfort layer. I was just not interested in a spring support layer with a latex comfort layer.

Scott Jordan
To be honest it was the least favorite place that I visited, the salesman did not seem that educated. They sell Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses, and were priced the highest of the three places, but they were all Organic. They had two choices of mattress, firm and soft (can split it down the middle), and if you were interested in a spring support or Latex. I think they are great if their mattress is good for you, and fits the 3 PPP’s, but you are not able to customize it to your liking.

The salesman was very nice here, although like Scott Jordan not the most well educated. They let you try out the mattress as long as you want with no pressure sales, and tell you you can sleep until closing if you so choose. The mattress itself was made out of Dunlop, and was two sided (firm and soft), I tried the firm side. I personally don’t understand the concept of firm and soft, if I want firm, I’m going to buy firm and never flip it. Still the mattress was very nice, and organic. This place gives you 30 days to return it if you are not happy with it.

Dixie Foam
It was my favorite place that I visited, the person working there seemed to really know his stuff. He was not pushy, and let me try out everything. They are also the most customizable in terms of a core and comfort layer, although I’m not sure about half and half with firmness. Their prices were the best out of the three that I tried, but I do not believe they are organic. They try not to sell you their most expensive mattress, and encourage you to try their other ones like their High Resilience polyfoam. I’d rate them as the best value in the area.

If I wanted to buy a mattress in the NYC area, I would still visit all three places, and make your own judgment.

One other place I would visit would be The Mattress Factory in New Jersey. I called and they had a pretty good value for their 9" Talalay.

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Hi bkim,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with the forum.

The more that members here post about their own thoughts and experiences … the more helpful the forum will become to others that are looking in a similar direction or area to you.

I’m grateful that you took the time give us your feedback :slight_smile: