Obasan on Platform Deck

Kicking myself right now but just placed an order with Obasan on Friday and realized they cannot go on platform deck beds. I cannot return the bedframe and it’s brand new. I’m attempting to cancel Obasan. If I can’t, is it a huge issue if it’s on the platform deck that isn’t slatted?

If I can, what mattresses organic would you recommend for a platform deck? Thanks!

About to cry right now.

Hi caseytykia,

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First, good catch! Mattress warranties are very specific and one way you can get ‘dinged’ is by using a platform/base not approved for the mattress. In this case, it could affect the 180-day comfort policy allowing you to exchange/return the mattress in the case it’s not a good fit for your sleeping position and preferences. Obasan’s specifically states that their Organic Latex mattresses have to be placed on a base that allows air circulation - a non-breathable foundation (such as a non-slatted platform which you have) can prevent proper temperature regulation, as well as allowing moisture to gather in the layers of your mattress which can cause mold and mildew.

I did reach out to Obasan customer support and spoke with Darlie. She was already aware of your situation
And advised they have emailed you your options, such as using a 2" foundation or placing a Bunkie board on top of your platform (you may want to take a look at this post, which discusses and has links to more posts on Bunkie boards), 2" Foundation placed on top of the platform, or a coir(coconut fiber) layer, All these options will allow better airflow for the mattress. If neither of these are good options for you, hopefully, they’ll allow you to cancel the order.

One step at a time… for now, if need be enough to know that you have a number of options among the Trusted members of our site who offer Organic Mattresses; however, you always want to check with each of the manufacturers of any mattress you are considering for their specific recommendations on acceptable base/frame/platforms in order to prevent voiding any warranty.


Yes, I did speak with her and they’ve been so helpful! I realized most latex beds are going to need the airflow so one way or another it was going to need a solution.

I think we’re leaning towards the coir pad as I don’t want to add much height (though I know 2" isn’t a huge difference). I appreciate your help and hers so much! I was definitely stressed trying to find a solution yesterday.