Oh Bed Guru...

Hi all… I’m new to the forums.

Did some reading on this site… and my head is spinning :blink: :stuck_out_tongue: . I know a few things thus far though:

I want a latex core mattress with a latex comfort layer and possibly differential construction as the method. I seriously need help on what I should be looking for beside those main features.

My current Queen Size bed is too hard and I usually get up with back and neck pain.

I am male… 6ft… 150lbs,… slim built with wide shoulders (about 19" across). I’m a side sleeper ONLY.

any suggestions on a good mattress to buy? possibly a brand name and model? I live in a small country so my choices are limited and I may have to buy online without testing the mattress out first.

any help will be appreciated. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi demiphonic,

I can certainly understand this :slight_smile:

While there are too many variables to suggest a specific brand or mattress (and how the materials and construction match your needs and preferences are more important than the brand anyway) … I can certainly help you with a process that can help you find your best possible choice.

Mattress construction theory and it’s interaction with human physiology and ergonomics can be a very complex subject to say the least and its study can lead to a learning curve that lasts a lifetime. Many of the concepts behind how each unique person interacts with different types of mattresses during sleep can also seem counterintuitive and it can take a lot of study and research to fully understand how all the many variables of how people and mattresses interact in so many different ways.

This is the reason that I normally suggest putting your initial efforts into some basic research and testing and then finding the manufacturers and outlets who already have this type of knowledge rather than trying to become an “expert” yourself or trying to design a mattress that may work for you using what I call “theory at a distance” based on either your own specs and/or the specs of a mattress.

The guidelines on the site are really only guidelines based on averages that are designed to help people ask better questions and better understand the accuracy or quality of the answers and the knowledge and experience of the people that are helping you. While they can be used to some degree by those who wish to take the time to study the theory behind them and take the first steps into designing their own mattress and then either making it themselves, having it made, or finding a mattress that matches their theoretical “ideal” to some degree, they are designed more to help you to know when someone is giving you “marketing” information or a “sales pitch” designed to “sell” you on a mattress that they want to sell you to boost their commissions or profit margins or if they really do have the knowledge and experience to educate and help you make your best possible choices. In other words they are designed to help you “find the experts” rather than become one yourself.

There are really only two ways to know which mattress, materials, or construction may be best for you.

The first is through personal testing, preferably with the help of a knowledgeable “expert”, and using the guidelines and their experience and knowledge of the mattresses they have available to help match your needs and preferences to a mattress that they sell.

The second is to work on the phone with an “expert” who knows every detail of the specific mattresses they make or sell and have the knowledge, experience, and customer base to make good suggestions based on the experiences of many other people with similar needs and preferences to you.

Both ways … finding the experts who make or sell mattresses is the most effective way of making your best possible choices. There’s more about this in post #2 here.

While I’m certainly happy to make more specific layering suggestions based on your experiences and feedback about a specific mattress with a known layering and construction and a specific set of “symptoms” on that mattress … the “best” suggestions about which mattress is best for you would come from the people who make and/or sell specific mattresses and have much more knowledge and experience than I do about the details of every component of their mattresses and the experiences and feedback of a large customer base on their specific mattresses as a guideline.

Did you mean “county” or “country”? If it’s a small county in the US or Canada… then I may know of some of the better possibilities near you if you can let me know the closest city or your zip. If you are in another country where I don’t know the better outlets or manufacturers that may be close to you … and you are considering an online or “on the phone” purchase … then the current list of recommended online outlets that I think highly of, are invited members of this site, and specialize in working with their customers on the phone, are in post #21 here.

Hopefully you have completed (and from the sounds of it you have) …

Step 1: Some initial research. This involves learning a bit about various mattress materials and components and layering and into finding some of the better local outlets that sell the types of mattresses and materials you want to test and will either tell you what is in their mattresses or where you already know from online research so you know what you are testing.

Next would be (if you haven’t already) …

Step 2: Actually testing various different types and styles of mattresses (in your case either latex mattresses or latex hybrids) enough to confirm the materials that you prefer in actual performance and feel compared to other types of mattresses and materials that are available to you. While latex certainly has many advantages over other materials and components, and like other materials and combinations can certainly meet your needs for pressure relief and posture and alignment, no matter what it’s strengths may be (and there are many) … unless it also matches your personal preferences then you may not be as happy with it or a certain layering combination or construction that uses it as “theory” may suggest in the long term.

Step 3: Connect with the experts (if you didn’t already do so in step 1 and 2) … either locally or online … and using their experience and knowledge in combination with your testing experiences talk with them enough to know which of their mattresses they would suggest for you and that you believe you would be most happy with in the short and long term. This is the step where you decide on the specifics and the “top choices” for each outlet rather than just the more general layering or material combinations that were the goal of step 2.

Step 4: is to carefully compare your few best choices in terms of materials, components, and all your needs and preferences (listed in post #46 here) and decide which ones offer the best “value” based on your personal “value equation” (the features, quality, and value of the mattresses that are your top choices, prices and your budget, the tradeoffs you believe are most important, and the services of the outlet both before and after the sale that are most important to you).

Step 5: is to make all the final most difficult decisions between “good and good” and close your eyes, grit your teeth, and make your final choice.


Hi Phoenix :slight_smile:

I meant “Country”. There are not many choices here. I called about 7 different places and all but one of them said “latex??” when asked if they had any. :angry: They have no clue about the material to begin with. The one that did hear about latex knew just that much. She knew nothing about the core being latex, whether it was a blend or about the material and thickness of the comfort layer. :huh: So I obviously cannot test any latex beds if they don’t have them in my country. :frowning:

So… it is very likely I’ll have to buy one online. I was checking this one out on Amazon, Seems to have rave reviews and I like the price. Any thoughts on it?

As long as the bed is Queen Size, Latex core (blend) and has a good comfort layer (latex?) I may be happy. As said before I’m a side sleeper and weight 150lbs with wide shoulders.

I’ve checked out the sites in “post 21” just now. Custom Sleep Design did an awesome job with the online profile. Here is what I gave them and their recommendation.


Custom Bed

Pretty sure they will be more than the one I saw on Amazon… also I can’t find where they have the price (apparently you must call them to see the cost)

Funny thing… the Amazon Mattress I showed you is also from one of the manufacturers you recommended! (Brooklyn Bedding / Dreamfoam)

Hopefully the Dreamfoam Bed is good enough for my needs because the price is way below what I’ve seen thus far on the other sites you mentioned.

Tell me what you think! Thanks!! :cheer:

Hi demiphonic,

That’s unfortunate … I was hoping you meant county :slight_smile:

The manufacturer of the Ultimate Dreams is a member of this site (and included in the list I linked to in post #21) and a search on “Ultimate Dreams” (you can click this) will bring up lots more information about them. They are very good quality and value. The only difficulty may be shipping it out of the US (I don’t believe they do this but you could certainly ask them). If they can and you do decide to order it … make sure you let them know you are a member of the forum so they will include a free shredded latex pillow with your order.

They can also customize it to your preferences and they are good at making suggestions based on your height and weight and any preferences you may have. The manufacturer of a mattress is always a better source for specific suggestions about the mattresses they make because they know every detail of what is in it, how all the layers interact with different weight/height body types and sleeping positions, and also have the experience of a large customer base that they can use to help them match you to the best possible choice. There are some generic suggestions for height and weight here and some for sleeping positions here and more about how different types of layering will affect these here but to “cut through” the complications of mattress design theory, a conversation with the manufacturer that takes into account every specific about their mattresses is always more accurate than generic guidelines or what I call “theory at a distance”

If you are looking at an all latex mattress instead of a latex hybrid like the Ultimate Dreams … then there are also some very good choices in the list of members who specialize in online orders and customer service in post #21. There is a wide variety of different choices there but all of them have good value (which of course can vary depending on what is included in your “value equation”). I know that some of them also ship out of the country but I don’t know if that includes the country you live in.


Sweet! I was hoping you would side with the Ultimate Dreams / Dreamfoam guys :stuck_out_tongue:

while I’m sure I can get even more customization from other sites, cost will be an issue. I trust Amazon Reviews too… although in this case what is good for them may not be good for me. I’m willing to take a chance on them though as they have a good price point.

If they do not ship out of the US then I’ll use my Skybox… will cost a bit but hey… my sleep is worth it.

Thanks for the help! I’ll update you on more details later. :slight_smile:

Hi demiphonic,

I couldn’t see the specs and design you mentioned with Custom Sleep Design (it requires a log in) but they are certainly much more than the Ultimate Dreams. Their “value” though is partly because they are 11" of all talalay latex layers and partly in the design that they make which is custom fitted and side to side zoned for each person that uses the mattress in ways that are rather unique and very accurate. In a sense it’s like having a pair of shoes or a suit custom fitted and made just for you where almost every part can be customized. They also offer exchanges after a purchase until you get it right if it doesn’t happen the first time. They are one of the more premium priced mattresses made by the members of this site and while they are not by any means the lowest cost option … they also have great value.

It’s great that you have Skybox … and it certainly opens up options that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Have you used it before for any major purchases? I’m curious how well it works.


A Skybox? oh basically it’s just a company that gives you a US based address so you can buy goods and send it there. They in turn ship it to your destination country. You pay regular customs duty etc, and their fee. Great for some smaller items but doesn’t really work out for heaver items …like my bed for instance :frowning:

I’m now checking and Cost, Insurance, Freight (CIF) will be $552usd …so overall I’ll be paying about twice as much for the same item. Now I’m not so sure I should get the bed lol.

You guys in the US don’t know how good you got it lol

Hi demiphonic,

I was familiar with the service but I’ve never used it and didn’t know the costs involved so I was wondering if it would be a good option for mattresses and larger items. There are some members here from other countries so I was wondering if the extra costs involved with shopping in the US and using the service were worth it so I really appreciate your feedback and specific prices involved.

It’s a shame that it’s so expensive although I guess it would depend on the country and any customs fees and duties as well. The “value” of the mattress would still be better than most remotely similar mainstream choices (for example the Sealy insightful also has 3" of much lower quality synthetic latex over polyfoam which is also likely lower density/quality and is over twice the cost) but the savings aren’t nearly as good with the added costs.