Oklahoma Mattress

Thanks for this website. We went out this morning looking for a new kingsize set and returned home with some high price quotes and next to no information about the products. After reading several of your threads, we will be heading to Oklahoma Mattress Company in the morning to shop. Every mattress set we own came from Oklahoma Mattress (many, many years ago) and it never occurred to us that they would have the memory mattress options.

Hi okcfraser,

As you probably know, Oklahoma Mattress is a member of the site and I think highly of Jim and the mattresses he makes. Even the “old timers” stay up to date with newer materials.

I hope you have a chance to give us your feedback about your visit :slight_smile:


Wanted to thank you as well for this great site. Was this close to buying a Serta icomfort from the Exchange out of laziness and ignorance, but I’ll be heading over to OK Mattress Co on Monday now to see what the difference is. At the least, I’ve also got the right questions to ask the others. Only problem is now I’m still sleeping on the floor!

Hi awaldo,

Yikes … that doesn’t sound great at all!

A few nights if discomfort though are probably worth buying a much higher quality/value mattress that will work well for you for many years to come :slight_smile:

I hope you have a chance to let us know about your experience there.


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