Old Strobel SP 4500 -- Replace layer or buy something else?

I’ve got an old (17 years) California King Strobel SupplePedic 4500. It’s got massive indentations (though I never noticed until I tried laying in the middle of the bed. Technically, it’s under warrantee, but Strobel has a horrible name for honoring said warrantees.

They will, however, replace the top layer of foam for about $800 (probably plus shipping). I’ve generally been happy with the mattress over the years, but I thought I’d ask…

Any thoughts on whether I should replace the foam or would I be better off just getting a new mattress?

Also, I have read that it is possible (though I have been unable to locate a source) to obtain decent memory foam replacements at a much cheaper price. Is that possible? To just get a pre-cut piece from some factory or something?

I live in SE Virginia, btw… in case you have local suggestions.


Hi Kazoo,

Do you know the specifics of the layers in your mattress and what they would be replacing for $800? It would depend on the condition of the other materials or components in your mattress and on which layers were likely to have softened or impressed but after 17 years I would be tending towards a new mattress … especially if they are charging you that much to replace a single layer (which seems quite high). It would also depend on whether you have a zip cover that gives you access to the layers and whether the layers are glued or can be removed individually

Post #4 here includes some of the better online sources I’m aware of for mattress components including different types of foam layers.

Most cities have foam suppliers that will sell foam layers of various types and quality/density that usually include polyfoam and memory foam and sometimes latex as well (depending on the material that needs replacing).



The mattress has a zip cover and the layers are supposedly designed to be removed/replaced/etc. However, I’ve never actually checked.

According to the website, they don’t specify a density rating, but I’ve seen one or two other sources that state it’s a 4 lb foam. It’s 4.5" thick.

I’ll take a look at those other sources.

Hi Kazoo,

I believe that the polyfoam they use in their base layers is 1.5 lb density so this may also have softened or degraded after 17 years as well.

$800 for a 4.5" thick layer of 4 lb memory foam seems like a very high price to me … especially if it’s going on top of other foam layers that may also not be in good condition.

I’d be much more inclined to buy a new mattress than try to “fix” a mattress that old where all the layers may be showing their age not just the memory foam.