Omaha - large couple

We have many things working against us! We are a larger couple (220 5’5" and 275 5’11"). And not a heck of alot of money.
We live in Omaha. Reading your great information, I understand that we must look for Firmness in our Core and softness for our comfort layers. Currently we have a bed with horrible sagging, causing horrible body aches. Without taking cost into play, I think the Latex /Latex sounds the wisest.

Ideas for this area?

Hi Bambi,

It’s great to see that you have been doing some “homework” before you begin testing mattresses and your comments are exactly the direction I would be looking! Firmer than “average” comfort layers will also likely feel softer to you because you will sink into them more than people with lower weights.

Some of the better options and possibilities in the Omaha area are listed in post #2l here.