OMF Serenity vs Serenity Plush question


This is my first post, so apologies for any blunders. First, thank you so much for all the information here! It’s a bit mind-boggling, but so incredibly helpful.

My main questions have to do with the OMF Serenity Plush (I searched, but couldn’t find any other posts that deal directly with the info that I’m looking for), but a bit of background on myself and my husband. We currently are on a 20 yr old water bed, which my husband hates. He’s 6’2", 220 lbs; I’m 5’7", 140 lbs; we’re both primarily side sleepers, but secondary back sleepers. We have tried a lot of mattresses and found that we like the initial feel of the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme (he more than I) and the i-comfort Savant (the one that was really broken in, not the new one, incidentally). He vastly prefers memory foam, I prefer spring but like memory foam. However, we’ve never slept a whole night on memory foam, which concerns me.

We looked on here for places that were good quality near us (post #155, we live in Fayetteville) and the only one within a reasonable distance and memory foam was OMF. SO, we like the Serenitys, though aren’t really wow’d by them. We prefer the in-store feel of the Plush, but with their return policy (25% of lower cost mattress, difference cost of higher cost mattress), and our lack of experience with memory foam, we’re wondering if we ought to get the Serenity and try it out and exchange to the Plush if we find that the Serenity isn’t soft enough or get a topper. We also wonder about the durability of the Plush vs. the Serenity.

So, my questions are:

  1. With our profiles, are these okay mattresses for us?
  2. Is the durability of the Plush comparable to the Serenity?
  3. With the OMF return policy, our experience with memory foam, and our profiles in mind, should we get the Serenity first and get a topper or exchange for a Plush if it’s not soft enough after a month? Is this advisable or silly?

Sorry for the verrbal diarrhea, and thank you so much!

I have tried both of these mattresses and they are both good quality and value. Based on your stats the best mattress would be the one that is best in terms of ppp. I would recommend reading the tutorial and testing the mattress. I have done a lot of research and would say from my testing the serenity is close to the temperpedic rhapsody and the serenity plush is close to the cloud supreme. In terms of durability the serenity plush has slightly more of the 7lb density memory foam so it might have a slight edge( the 7lb foam is softer than the 5lb), but I think whichever onebest suits you would be the best choice. From what I have read getting a firmer mattress and adding a topper is easier than trying to firm up a soft mattress.

Hi kiallae,

I think Everready073’s comments are “right on the money” :slight_smile:

In terms of quality and durability they both use good quality materials that would certainly be suitable for your husband’s higher body weights (and of course yours). Of course durability doesn’t speak to how either one of them will feel and perform for you which I have no way of knowing but careful and objective testing is the best way to decide on which one is best for you in terms of PPP.

Yes … they both use very durable materials and have no weak links and would be suitable for higher body weights. Once you are past about 6 lb density or so the added durability that would normally be part of higher density memory foam would be much less significant. The Serenity Plush has slightly more higher density memory foam but softness is also a durability factor so I would call them close to a wash.

If you are choosing between these two I would choose the one that your careful and objective testing indicates is the best “match” for you. If you really are undecided about both mattresses (by themselves without a topper) and you really can’t tell any significant difference between them then I would tend to choose the firmer of the two.

I would avoid choosing a mattress with the intent of adding a topper (unless you have actually tested the combination as part of a sleeping system and know that it works well for you) because adding another variable and making a “blind” purchase of a topper where you don’t know for sure how it will feel on your mattress can be risky and can be almost as difficult as choosing a mattress in the first place.

I would also avoid purposely choosing a mattress that your testing indicated wasn’t as suitable a choice for you with a possible exchange in mind because then you could end up paying more for the “right” mattress than you would have if you chose it the first time and didn’t need an exchange. I would only choose the firmer one if after careful and objective testing you really couldn’t tell any significant difference between them (and I would spend some extra time on the mattresses than the “standard” 15 minutes that the testing guidelines suggest to give the memory foam time to warm up).


Thank you Everready073 and Phoenix for your responses! I apologize for not thanking you sooner! Your responses were quite helpful, and got us thinking more about PPP.

An update for the curious: in Feb we hit a financial snag and had to delay buying a new mattress for several months, unfortunately. We’ve since recovered and went back to seriously thinking about getting a new mattress. We thought more about the OMF serenity and serenity plush, went back and tried them again, as well as their spring mattresses.

We were still on the fence so I decided to look at Select Foam again (when we first started, husband wanted Tempurpedic), and saw that since I had last looked they now had what they called the Featherlight Supreme. Thinking that it sounded perfect for me, we went and tried Tempurpedic’s version and I loved it (he was more on the fence, but liked it). Yesterday, we called Select Foam and talked to Peter, who assured us that our profiles would typically fit well with this mattress. Husband decided that he’d give it a try. This sealed the deal for me and we’ve since placed an order for Select Foam’s Featherlight Supreme.

If anyone’s interested, I thought that I could post an update in a few weeks with my experience with Select Foam and the Featherlight Supreme.

Thank you again for all of your help!

Hi kiallae,

It sounds like you like the feel and response of hybrid comfort layers which are “in between” the higher resilience of fast response materials and the slower response of memory foam so the featherlight would be a great choice.

I certainly appreciate all the members that take the time to share their feedback after a purchase so any updates would be great.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: